Two-thirds of Canadians think the federal government has done a good job responding to the COVID-19 crisis – and we agree.

According to poll results released Tuesday by Research Co., 66%, of those surveyed said they’re satisfied with how the feds are handling the pandemic. Support was highest among those age 55 and over at 73%, and lowest among those ages 18 to 34 at 60%.

The poll — which heard from 1,000 people online March 21-22 — also found 70% of Canadians are satisfied with their provincial government’s response, while 64% are content with their municipal government.

From self-isolation at his “cottage,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has managed to strike just the right tone in his daily briefings, and his willingness to bend politically in order to speed an aid package through Parliament was a wise decision.

As one of our frequent letter writers alluded to this week, we are witnessing the evolution of Trudeau from a celebrity politician into a true leader.

Contrast that with the performance of U.S. President Donald Trump, whose bungled response grows more dangerous by the day.

Thanks goodness we live in Canada. Here’s hoping our politicians keep up the good work.