New reader observations

Dear Editor:

I am a retired scientist and just had to write this letter, as I have recently become a subscriber to the Daily Courier and would like to state emphatically that it is excellent value for money. I should have signed on years ago.

While it is very useful in keeping me connected to the news and events in the community, the quality of journalism and balanced editorialism is also very high for a relatively small city newspaper.

A good example was having two articles on the same editorial page on the weekend by Tim Schroeder (pro-religion) and Jim Taylor (pro-science), which showed great balance and “enlightenment.” We are perhaps too afraid of offending religious beliefs at the expense of the advancement of scientific education.

I also enjoy the recent debates in the letters section on such topical issues as the reality and causes of climate change, which is not yet “settled science,” and needs more fair-minded debate, or those letters for and against various development plans proposed by the city and developers. These seem to me to be largely a debate between people in favour of the growth of our economy and community and those against such growth, but in both cases it is very interesting, even if they usually support our existing biases. That is certainly true with the various political letters.

And last of all, I have grown very attached to sitting down with a cup of coffee at my favourite cafe and working on the daily crossword puzzle. Please keep it up.

Roger Hume,