Foundation’s work clarified

Dear Editor:

Re: Foundations can be questionable by Bobbe Wemock (Courier letters, June 25,).

The writer makes the unsubstantiated suggestion that Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) has been “established to finance and ensure offshore resources for the Trudeau family legacy.”

Let me take this opportunity to clear the air. AKFC’s partnership with the Government of Canada began in 1980.

This partnership has endured over the years, not because of any one individual, but because of the values we share. It is these same values that has made Canada a global leader in building a world where everyone has the opportunity and the right to hope.

AKFC works across Africa and Asia to erect the pillars of strong societies: health care, education, economic opportunity, food security, civic engagement, and gender equality. For the past four decades, the Canadian government, and Canadians from coast to coast, have been invaluable partners in this effort.

Last weekend, we concluded the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the World Partnership Walk, which brings together 40,000 Canadians in 10 cities across the country. This volunteer-driven initiative has raised more than $120 million since 1985—money that we invest, alongside public funds, in our work overseas.

And this work has changed millions of lives. You can learn more at

This is the Canadian legacy that we are proud to have been part of for the past 40 years.

Khalil Z. Shariff

Chief Executive Officer

Aga Khan Foundation Canada


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