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Dear Editor:

Re: “School board to join in Kelowna Pride,” (Courier, Page 1, June 6).

My name is Tor Broughton and I’m a 13 year old, Grade 8, transgender student at Dr. Knox Middle School.

Seeing the school board at Pride helps LGBTQ+ youth who feel that the school system doesn’t care about them, know that they are seen and they are loved.

During my transition, knowing that my school board, school trustees, and teachers were there for me was crucial and helped me feel safe coming to school every day.

Pride is a place for everyone of all ages, regardless of sexuality, gender, ability, race, or other variance. Those opposed to the Central Okanagan School Board coming to Pride make me sad and worried for my school and for my community. I hope that everyone will be able to soon realize the importance of LGBTQ+ acceptance in our school system because I know how important a supportive school system was and still is, to me.

I can only imagine how crucial it is for a young queer kid, who may not have support at home, or in other aspects of their life.

I would like to thank all four members of the school board who voted in favour of coming to Pride because I know you’re here for all of us, and you care about making our experiences at school amazing. Thank you for being those who are willing to take the step forward, and make differences in our community, and for supporting all the little LGBTQ+ kids in our district. -

Tor Broughton


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