Waiting patiently

Benjie always draws a second glance when sitting in the truck (always with the window rolled down.)


My name is Benjie. I’m a Golden Retriever. I have lived in Westbank for almost 15 years. Many people say I’m the mascot of Westbank because I sit differently than most dogs.

I love to travel. I have travelled right across Canada, even up and down most provinces for three full months. It tires me out quite a bit. Truck seats are a bit tight. I like it when we stop for the night.

I have been to the Yukon, Alaska and the Northwest Territories.

Canada is big and beautiful.

At home, I will dig in for the summer. It’s too hot so I like to take it easy.

I always carry my “cell-bone” with me, everywhere we go. I’ve had it since I was a pup and it never broke down.

I am not allowed in the living room, but my nose and one paw are OK. The rug feels so good.

My favourite treat is homemade Italian spaghetti. Also pepperoni and ice cream for dessert.

All the kids in Westbank who know me always wave and say, “Hi Benjie,” as we drive by them. I’m pretty healthy so I hope to see you this year somewhere.

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