Mother Nature is more important than any pipeline

Dear Editor:

Kris Sims of the Canadian Faxpayers Federation (Courier, June 13) tells us stalled pipelines are costing dearly.

Almost every paragraph Sims wrote is about saving jobs and the almighty buck. Sims asks, “What are we getting in exchange for this opposition?”

The answer is quite clear.

It may be futile for the dream of the opposition trying to stop the greed and stupidity of man who continues raping Mother Nature leaving scars that will never heal.

I don’t believe potatoes will grow in abandoned tar sands or sea life will survive in oil-polluted seas and oceans.

The opposition is trying to cure a planet put in dire straits by man and his greed chasing that almighty buck.

The dream for a clean, healthy world for future generations of all God’s creatures living on polluted land, sea and air is the answer to your question, Kris.

Tom Isherwood


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