Dear editor:

Not long ago, I upset many people for stating there is racism in the Okanagan. Needless to say, I got hammered. To prove there is no racism, I was told Kelowna elected a non-white mayor, Colin Basran, and a councillor, Mohini Singh.Yes, the question is: Why? What are their qualifications. For that matter, does qualification counts to get elected?

They play it safe.

They do not say anything that may upset people. I do. Over the years, I had been told if I didn’t like it here in Canada, why didn’t I go back to where I came from? That is how brilliant some people in Kelowna are. I wrote the following on Facebook, in response to an article about racism, posted by Gunnar Forsstrom:

Gunnar: So that’s why racism is rampant: Nobody knows what the hell it is.

I wrote: Gunnar Forsstrom, many in Kelowna do not believe there is racism. Ask Mohini Singh and Colin Basran.

I have a Ph.D. I have served on boards of directors of two professional licensing organizations, represented the Faculty of Okanagan College on the College Board of Directors, been president of Kelowna Multicultural Society, president of Mission Junior Soccer Association, published over two dozens articles in professional journals, presented papers at international learned societies conferences all over the world.

And, forget my letters in the local media.

Certainly, I am not smart enough to get elected to city council. There is no racism. There definitely is ignorance, and in abundance. There are still very smart people in Kelowna, I beg them to take me on.

There were several more replies to Gunnar Forsstrom’s Facebook post and here are some examples:

Tom Forsyth: “Actually plenty of people do. It’s just white people who refuse to recognize its existence.”

Trish McCartney: “What it is, is unnatural. It goes against nature.

Sandra James: “So you will not be running for council again? “

Mo Rajabally: No, Sandra James, I do not want to get racists to feel more

important and superior. Kelowna has a population who lives in the 18th Century with a typical British stiff upper lip. And, I do not mean the younger generations. They are simply fantastic. I am talking about the old farts.

I would like to add our local media lacks the insight we see in bigger city newspapers that take an issue like racism and analyze it.

Here is an article in Macleans that editors and racists must read:

“The rise of an uncaring Canada, By Andray Domise: What’s behind hardening attitudes towards migrants?”

Some basic ignorance about the life of refugees and the reality of immigration in this country.

Google it.

Mo Rajabally