This graphic was supplied by Marilyn Strong, accompanying her letter to the editor.

Will bylaws also apply to UBCO?

Dear Editor:

When the City of Kelowna refused to endorse the text amendment allowing short-term rentals for suites and carriage houses, I wonder if they realized that UBCO is violating that bylaw by offering a four- bedroom apartment for short-term rentals between the months of May and August. Will the bylaw officers be out to shut them down too?

Marilyn Strong


Tired of hearing from JWR

Dear Editor:

Here we go again.

We had to wait 24 hours to hear from Jody Wilson-Raybould because her announcement of running as an independent in the next election was “so important.”

Merlin Wozniak


Gas price plan is racketeering

Dear Editor:

Premier John Horgan’s plan to have the B.C. Utilities Commission look at gas prices is nothing more than a charade.

If the profit oil companies make on the gas they sell is called gouging, what do we call the excessive level of government taxation on every litre of gas?


R.E. Coulter

North Saanich

PM pays piper, to call his tune

Dear Editor:

The Trudeau Liberals have just announced that another $600 million will be offered to news outlets chosen by the Trudeau Liberals.

Meanwhile, federal funding to the CBC has also been increased to more than $1 billion each year.

Why are favoured news agencies funded by this government? There is other news media that operates as a business and offers competitive services, without government funding.

These favoured news agencies speak for the cultural progressives to churn out a constant stream of the enlightened view of how the world should work. They scorn Canada’s traditional rural values and inherent conservatism. CBC is not about Canadian programming, but programming Canadians.

A simple question. Do you want the Trudeau Liberals to reward favoured news media with your tax dollars?

Bobbe Wemock


Appalled by MP’s comments

Dear Editor:

I was appalled to hear Cathy McLeod, MP for Kamloops/Caribou, say it is due to “Trudeau’s carbon tax” that cancer patients in her riding are suffering undue hardship, having to drive at a huge cost in fuel for six hours, to radiation treatments.

How could she say that?

As if the fact of having to drive such a lengthy distance for treatments isn’t inhumane enough, she compounds this injury by suggesting this is due to the federal carbon tax when she knows this is not the case.

The situation was created entirely by the Social Credit/B.C. Conservative party, calling themselves “Liberals” in this province.

The federal carbon tax is set at $20/ton and doesn’t apply here. Under the Alberta carbon tax, for single Albertans, the income threshold in order to receive the rebate is $47,000. For families, the earning threshold is $95,000 in order to receive the carbon tax rebate of $300 per family, plus $45 per child. People living outside metropolitan areas will receive a larger rebate.

Not here.

In B.C., the carbon tax is $35/ton. The rebate is $270 per family with an additional $40 per child and a threshold of $40,689 in family income, to be eligible for this rebate. Accessing healthcare, if you are outside Vancouver, Victoria and, to a lesser extent, Kelowna is the equivalent of being placed on an ice floe.

We are paying an MSP premium, fuel is a minimum of one-third higher in price in B.C. than anywhere else in Canada, and so is everything else we require to survive.

This, in the name of the environment?

I don’t think so and the current government is doing nothing to alleviate this. We have been had for so many years, we scarcely notice the indignity.

The fact McLeod was handed a script and was willing to mouth the words is shocking. Even more dreadful is that the rest of Canada believes this propaganda.

From across Canada, I heard from people saying their gas price was too high “because of the carbon tax” before it was ever implemented in other provinces.

The conservatives are doing their work well, and Canadians are the frogs in the pot on the stove. Is that the best we can be?

Elaine Lawrence


Trudeau has bad spending record

Dear Editor:

Some of Justin Trudeau’s spending to improve the lives of Canadians.

$400 million to education around the world

$180 million to global partnership for education in Europe

$104 million to family planning around the world

$650 million for sexual and reproductive health around the world

$20 million to the Clinton Foundation (stupid!)

$2.65 billion to climate change at Commonwealth Summit

$300 million to Rohingya refugee crisis

$100 million to Caribbean reconstruction

$4.5 million for women’s voice in the Caribbeans

$50 million for Palestine relief

$40 million to Syria for humanitarian assistance

$400 million to house illegals

$40 million to four terrorists

$4.5 billion for a pipeline that can’t get built

$100 million for salmon protection

$6 million for an ice rink on Parliament Hill

$12 million in subsidies for Loblaw

Who knows how much on his family vacations and selfies?

No balanced budgets for 22 years. Will this massive debt ever be paid off?

And now, the carbon tax disaster.

This is total insanity by Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Rudie Harder


Sorry seems to be the easiest word

Dear Editor:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become masterful at apologizing, especially for things that happened years ago and can not be directly linked back to him.

Perhaps he doesn’t believe actions trump words.

I don’t know how Trudeau is going to work it into his busy jet-setting pre-election campaigning, but I suspect he will find a way to apologize to all the descendents of Adam and Eve.

It will be interesting to see who Trudeau says is responsible for the eviction of that young naive couple from the Garden of Eden. He might finger the lowly serpent or possibly the almighty landlord, but my money is on him blaming Stephen Harper.

Lloyd Atkins