Dear Editor:

Re: “Writer confuses the term Nazi,” by Fred B. Woodward (Courier letters, Aug. 20) in response to Bernie Bates’ column “White supremacy is an oxymoron,” (Daily Courier, Aug. 14).

Apparently, Bates’ column was too plainly written, too explicit, for Fred Woodward to stomach. Or, was it too complex?

It was obvious to this reader that Bates was equating Nazis with the “far right” of the conservative domain, and not to mainstream conservative voters.

How could Bates’ column be interpreted otherwise? Nazis, meaning “centre-right,” doesn’t work — even in the United States. Trump’s “base” is pretty much as Bates describes, but that base doesn’t include all Republicans.

Keep in mind that Trump failed to win the popular vote in the last election. Hillary Clinton beat him by a wide margin. Americans can thank the antiquated “electoral college” for both the previous Bush win and Trump’s victory.

The electoral college is/was a clever “constitutional” election device to insure the “American aristocracy” (read: landowners/slave owners) that they were “safe” from an uprising of the masses in a hotly-contested election. No doubt similar in thought to calling Indigenous peoples “savages” in the Declaration of Independence.

So, kudos to Bates for raising issues that need to be openly discussed. Yes, not only bigotry and racism, but also how religion has become “political,” especially powerful in the United States.

Do most evangelicals understand that Jesus was an avowed socialist? Oh, by the way, it is refreshing to learn that Woodward is now out of the political closet: he has openly declared himself a Nazi apologist. Just think of it: he believes the Nazis actually “saved” Europe from the nasty scourge of Bolshevism. Wow! That was a close call for Europeans.

Should Europeans thank Adolf Hitler for their salvation? Should Jews pay homage to Hitler and the Nazis? Keep at it Bernie Bates. You have at least one fan who is listening to your voice and cheering for you; and The Daily Courier deserves kudos as well.