Focus on Faith

Tim Schroeder is a pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna.

There’s no chance you could have missed it. It, of course is the fact that it is Back To School time.

In crystal clear language that means it is time for all of us to have children on our mind.

They are walking, riding and busing. They have new shoes, new backpacks and new haircuts. AND, they are every bit as unconscious of their surroundings as they’ve always been. They are busy catching up with friends, playing new games and generally acting with total disregard for anything and everything going on around them. No matter how frequently parents have cautioned them to be vigilant, they remain unconscious of the risks as they play, walk, ride and cross busy streets.

We are the adults of our village, so let’s all commit to take extra precaution during these next few weeks to keep our little one’s safe. We know what time of year it is, so let’s leave a few minutes earlier, drive a few km/h slower, keep our eyes open for them especially near school zones or busses and keep our eyes peeled for any predators intent on taking advantage of them.

Hand in hand with Back To School is the kick off to one of my favorite charities, “Cops For Kids.” Thirty Cops trade patrol cars for bicycles, uniforms for shorts and riding shirts and head out on a 10-day, 1,000 kilometre fundraising venture.

As police chaplain, I have ridden with them the past two years and am aware of how gruelling yet rewarding a venture it is.

I am unable to ride this year so with no conflict of interest let me shamelessly appeal to you to sponsor a rider or two in their fundraising effort.

Dozens of youngsters who have experienced immense medical or emotional trauma manage to fall through the cracks each year and Cops ForKids exist to catch them. All recipients of aid are thoroughly screened and this frugal organization makes a profound difference in the lives of many.

Click on the page of Cops ForKids, choose “Donate to a Rider,” and help make the fundraising efforts of our cops an immense success. Your contribution will go directly to helping a child in need. I personally vouch for the highest integrity of this organization. There is something that just feels right about our police protecting some of our most vulnerable little ones and you can help.

Back To School season is also a great time for you to consider who is helping shape the values and character of your own little ones. Past generations used to take children to Sunday School where values of the Ten Commandments, The Golden Rule and so on were regularly taught. My observation of current times is that many parents don’t think much about that part of parenting until their little ones become young teenagers and deep concerns about wrong choices and influences arise. I encourage parents and grandparents to give serious consideration to how the ethical and spiritual part of their children’s lives is being formed.

Check out positive, healthy Sunday Schools and Children’s programs this fall and make it a priority to build the deep foundation of your child’s life.