Dear Editor:

I agree with Sharron Simpson’s letter contesting the City of Kelowna selling the land formerly occupied by the RCMP (Okanagan Weekend, Aug. 24).

Is this being done to lessen the burden of rapidly rising taxes? It would be criminal to sell off community space just to pay the bills. Kelowna is gradually losing its balance between openness and housing rather than striving to maintain the proportions that make Kelowna such a desirable place to live and visit.

Many people have suggested that the city retain the former RCMP site for the eventual redevelopment of the Kelowna Community Theatre. Rebuilding the theatre on its existing site would otherwise unnecessarily eliminate that amenity for a couple of years.

There are many privately-owned sites throughout downtown to satisfy the city’s quest for density. Surely, our rubber-stamping council can wake up and recognize this one as a mistake, or at least tell us in their own words what we are not understanding.

Where is the long-term vision?