Dear Editor:

Re: “Facilitators playing hero,” (Okanagan Weekend, letters, June 1).

Wayne Llewellyn begins his commentary with, “There was a time when people were taught and expected to be contributing, responsible, productive member of society.”

He needs to remember that there was also a time when a person could go into a cannery, saw mill, manufacturing plant or department store and be hired and trained on the job.

One could also, in this time, afford a place to rent — or even purchase — plus feed themselves and their family.

Technology and cheap labour elsewhere has removed many opportunities to provide for ourselves. Unless people have supportive, financially-stable, healthy parents, they struggle. Not everyone is able to go to university or the trades — financially or ability wise. This limits job opportunities that pay enough to afford rent and food.

There was a time when there were jobs for people without education or trades and they could still afford rent and food. There was a time that there was hope that one would find a job that allowed them to afford rent and food.

Without safe housing, without proper diet, without a place to wash, groom and wash clothing, etc., how long would you last, Mr. Llewellyn?

How long would it be until you could no longer care about yourself, or others, or others’ property?

Not long, is my guess.

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