Time change coming

It’s time to fall back; that dreaded time of year when we turn our clocks back and sit in the dark. The drive home in rush hour traffic is bad enough, now add to that rain, slush and blowing snow,

It’s no wonder birds flock off to the sunny south – it makes me wish that I too had wings.

Word is B.C. may follow the U.S., if California, Oregon and Washington decide to scrap daylight savings time, we in B.C. will ‘fall’ in line and stop adjusting time.

On the brighter side, look at all the time we’ll save not running around ‘springing forward and falling back’ – that’s a chore I can live without.

Between the microwave, the stove and all the other clocks in the house; I could never make them tick-tock at the same time – I could literally time travel just by walking from my bedroom to the living room.

Changing time to suit man’s schedule is not only a pain where the sun don’t shine, it also goes against nature’s heartbeat and your heartbeat too.

How many of you feel tired and sluggish twice a year? How many of you feel S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder)?

We can turn back the hands of a clock, but the one clock you can’t adjust is your inner clock. Our minds and bodies, gradually adjusts to the balance of light and dark, as the seasons pass. So when the weatherman on channel 22 tells you to wake up an hour earlier; it’s a shock to your system.

It’s no wonder people get grumpy, seek solitude and suicide rates go up.

As we all know, the earth revolves on an axis; when the north leans toward the sun we have summer and when it leans away we have winter. So if we were to adopt a reason to change the clocks – wouldn’t it make more sense to use latitudes instead of longitudes to mark the march of time?

As a believer in science and an observer of nature, I feel we humans have changed over time, pun unintentional yet prophetic. We are the only animals that are slaves to a ticking machine.

We’ve become so in tune with the clock, you can set a clock by your urges. I’ll bet you can generally tell what time it is just by the way you feel.

Do you wake up about the same time with the urge to go number one? Soon after that, you feel a craving for food and coffee; which brings us to number two.

Three o’clock your body feels the mid day slump. Hunger pangs announce its supper o’clock, and then a few hours later your eyes begin to get heavy – sweet dreams.

Even though I know the science behind the spinning planets and understand the connection between time and commerce, I still have an ancestral tie to nature.

Before clocks, Natives watched the stars at night and the setting of the sun. We watched the smallest insects for hints of impending weather changes. The changing fall colors meant it was time to set stores, gather fire wood and ready ourselves for the cold winds to blow.

I can tell you that from what I’ve seen, it will be a warmer winter with less snow and an early spring. If you don’t believe me look at the Farmer’s Almanac like I did.

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