Dear Editor:

Ron Seymour’s opinion piece following the recent federal election, is vintage Seymour — stir it up, be outrageous, attack a few people and walk away.

Frankly, it’s tiresome.

He’s been co-opted by the vitriolic trolls of social media, joined them in their irrelevant rants, and relinquished any role of thoughtful community observer that he might — might — have had.

Seymour has mocked our MP by creating an image of person none of us who have met Stephen Fuhr at our door, worked with, have lobbied or celebrated with, taken the time to chat with, would recognize. In doing so, Seymour has denigrated the office of Member of Parliament as well as the voters who elect our politicians, irrespective of the party they represent.

Liberals won the Kelowna-Lake Country riding in the last election because the majority of citizens in the riding supported their party platform and their candidate. It was a signature achievement. For the next four years, Fuhr represented our riding with distinction. In the competing demands for federal funds he successfully represented the needs of our community and improved our water supply, aided agriculture, enhanced education and health care, and equity to aboriginal, and immigrant issues.

He successfully conveyed our needs — just as we expect every MP representing us to do — regardless of their party affiliation.

He also represented our federal government in his community — also the job of an MP, regardless of party affiliation.

He has attended an incredible array of community events and assisted many in need.

For the past four years, our MP has diligently and, as will many elected representatives, dedicated his personal time, energy and priorities to our community.

Fuhr does not need me to defend him as he is perfectly capable of doing that himself. However, as a citizen of this country, I care deeply about the erosion of civil discourse and the lack of respect for the office of MP and of Parliament.

I resent the cheap shots that columns such as this can be published with apparent impunity and lack of personal accountability.

Is it any wonder that dedicated, qualified, honourable citizens choose not to engage in the political process when their considerable efforts, their dedication, and their successes are mocked and demeaned by the vindictive rants of even a smalltown newspaper columnist?