Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Rated M for Mature (PC,PS4,Xbox One)

Breakpoint is a step backwards for the once-anticipated series.

The visuals are a mixed bag. While the majority of the game looks good, there are times corners were obviously cut. During some cut scenes when the actor Jon Bernthal is the centre of attention, his modeling is dead on. But when secondary characters are the focus, you can easily see a degrade in the visuals. I can’t say if this was intentional, but it makes the cut scenes a mixed bag.

The environment has a nice variety from tropical jungles to snowy mountains. The character model of the player is also good with different options to make your character stand out from the others.

The sound design is also good with guns packing the audio punch you would expect from a shooter from Ubisoft.

The voice acting is OK, with Bernthal being the only one providing decent dialogue and acting.

I enjoyed “Ghost Recon Wildlands,” despite its issues. The game took a risk and offered gamers something new.

Breakpoint has players going to an island on a seemingly routine recon mission. Your helicopter is shot down and most of your crew is killed and you’re tasked with finding out what happened to this island and end the threat.

So the story is fairly generic and the rest sadly goes downhill from here. A highlighted addition to the game is the ability to cover yourself in mud in order to hide. This ability comes in handy to make a quick getaway when you are overcome by too many high level enemies. As long as the player stays still and the enemy doesn't walk too close, you can remain hidden.

The new ability comes with some strange design choices. One of these is every few minutes the game has a drone fly overhead requiring the player to cover themselves in mud and lay perfectly still for several minutes till the drone flies off the map. It’s very strange for the game to take you out of firefights and force you to use this new addition or face enemies coming to your location.

Another strange addition is the need for a constant connection to the Ubisoft server. In Wildlands, if you choose to play only in single player, you don’t need to be constantly connected to the Ubisoft server. In Breakpoint, as soon as the game boots up, you are being connected to the server. The major problem with this is if the server has an issue, you are kicked out of your single-player game. I was kicked out for the first few weeks throughout the day. Ubisoft seems have made the servers more constant, but if my internet goes down I shouldn't be stopped from playing Breakpoint.

The map is large but yet the game feels empty. Players will run into an enemy it seems every few minutes throughout the jungles. The map is large so getting around it will require you to fly a helicopter or use another vehicle.

In Wildlands, you had a squad of computer-controlled characters that would talk to each other with some funny dialogue. The game also had radio stations. Sadly Breakpoint has neither. This makes travelling around the large map boring. Sure there are bases, camps and more, to find and eliminate the enemies in, but with no real reward for doing so. After a few times it just feels repetitive.

Even with enemies, every few steps it just feels like it’s lacking fun. The enemies are also extremely dumb. You can shoot an enemy a few feet from his friend and they don’t seem to care.

I really wanted to like Breakpoint, but sadly it was just bland and uninspired. I don’t want to get started on the absurd microtransactions that had pages and pages of items that could be bought with real cash. The most absurd of these transactions were removed after negative reviews. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a skip or look for a discounted sale if you have a group of friends.

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