Alabama puts face on debate

Dear Editor:

At last, people are taking about the real issue; the child in the womb.

George B. Shaw, when he heard about the number of dead in the First World War, asked how many were bakers, parents, teachers, future political leaders, etc. He wanted a human face on the numbers of the dead.

The vote in Alabama put a human face on the abortion debate.

The destructive force in the termination of an innocent life is betrayal. The high- immoral positions now taken by some female Hollywood stars against the “heartbeat” in the womb is something senseless to be supported by the adoring audiences. They act and talk of sex not being a big deal, and a private matter, until someone becomes pregnant and then they shout nation-wide “put no limits on my freedom” — the original sin.

Abortion is always collaborative. Users need the support of others. Why show Barack Obama and his team watching the murder of Osama bin Laden, except that that today violence and cruelty have become accepted by many and are even used as entertainment.

The pro-abortionists have tried to change the world and the very nature of truth. The myth of good overcoming evil is to them a fairy tale.

Evil is alive and well, triumphant and unpunished. The Alabama vote has given the conversation back to the “faithful,” so much considered obsolete.

Missouri has followed to give the child in the womb a voice again. Humility seldom appeals to stars and so we need to assist the word “compunction” in making a comeback if we are recapture with honour the province of human goodness.

Fr. Harry Clarke


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