Dear Editor:

In response to the letter by Don Aitken stating that the CTF represents Conservatives (Aug. 2), it is partly correct in that it seems the Conservatives are more concerned where our tax money is spent opposed to the other three main parties.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has taken all political parties to task for frivolous, unnecessary and even treasonous spending our tax dollars.

The latest venture is to try and get the Liberals to respond positively to the request from Charlene Sticks of the Onion Lake Cree Nation that they follow through on the Conservatives platform to enforce the First Nations Transparency Act where the chief and council will not divulge where the money is going while the rest of the band lives in absolute poverty.

Not long ago, it was to shut down the a project to build a multi-million dollar airport near Cabot Links golf course in Prince Edward Island as the closest airport is some two hours away.

Then, who can forget the R10.5 million given to Omar Kadhar or the many trips made to various countries with our prime minister dressed like a clown in an effort to impress who.

What about the $1.1 million Adrienne Clarkson has billed us for expenses since leaving office? Back in the Stephen Harper days, the CTF was committed to holding the government accountable for its commitment to balance the budget without increasing taxes and eliminating corporate welfare.

In 2010, the CTF learned that serial killer Clifford Olsen was collecting OAS plus the GIS and introduced Bill C-31 which became law saving taxpayers over $10 million a year!

No, it’s not the Conservatives or the CTF who are doomsday prophets spreading fear mongering or sucking up to any minority movement while taking every opportunity to ensure their photo-ops appear in every form of media possible.

In fact, it is the other three main parties or, as I see them, the Three Stooges, who are the hypocrites when it comes to saying one thing then doing something completely different or nothing at all.

For factual information on the CTF Google the CTF and its success stories.