Dear Editor:

Today we were riding our bicycles along City Park beach from the tunnel to the visitors centre, and as we dodged the walkers and other people walking dogs, we had to lightly ring our bell for some older women who were in the middle of the trail.

Unfortunately, one of them backed off the path on the grassy area, and fell on her backside. I immediately stopped to be sure she was all right, and she assured me she was. This all happened on a Monday, off high season, which we thought would be fairly quiet.

We would love to see a designated bike/skate/blader path that is separate from the pedestrian one. There seems to be enough room to do this on the park side rather than the beach. This would provide both pedestrians and bikers with a sense of safety.

The one in Stanley Park in Vancouver works amazingly well, and there are no unpleasant incidents between all who want to enjoy the area.

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