Cruel truth about chuckwagon races

Dear Editor:

Here is the truth about the horses in the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races.

These horses are rejects from the flat racing track because they are not fast enough to win. They are not wanted for saddle horses either, because they are too small for adults and unsuitable for children because they are too high strung.

Nor are they wanted for brood mares because of their track record (to slow), size (too small), or temperament.

Most are doomed for the chuckwagon races, even though no true horseman wants to see his horse end up there.

It is only the start of certain death, even if they do finish the race. Those fatally injured during the race are put out of their misery while on the track.

Those that survive the race are traumatized mentally and physically with the whipping, yelling and mayhem. Then there is the worst sound — horses screaming in pain suffering from a broken leg.

After the most injured horses are destroyed, the less damaged but still traumatized are going to an even much worse fate — that is shipping to the meat trade.

As long as a horse can still breathe it is worth money to someone.

Those poor young horses are forced onto transport trucks that are filthy, hot and over-crowded with no rest stops, no water, no food. There is just the relentless motion of those trucks against their injured bodies accompanied by fear. Some fall, get trampled and die en route.

The survivors are loaded onto ships with equally horrific conditions and shipped to countries where they are slaughtered and their flesh sold to people who are unaware of the sufferings these animals have gone through.

Joellen Broughton