If Kelowna Actors Studio ever decides to present the musical version of “Charlotte’s Web,” we know seven individuals who could be considered for the role of Wilbur.

Kelowna city council is sending seven of its nine members to the Federation of Canadian municipalities conference in ... Quebec City, one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.


Not to be outdone, West Kelowna is also feeding from the public trough with five of its seven council members also heading to Quebec City.

We have serious doubts about how effective conferences are. Networking has its place and professional development is not necessarily a bad thing.

But, it’s highly doubtful that the magnificent seven will return from la belle province with a solution to the opiod crisis.

Giving Kelowna and West Kelowna council the benefit of the doubt in that there’s tremendous value, it’s still too many whether they have money in their conference budget or not. The mayor, or one representative, could attend and report back to the others. We don’t need to fly, feed and house seven members of city council.

More responsible, Vernon is sending no one. Lake Country is sending its CAO only. Penticton, Peachland and Summerland have one delegate each attending (and in the case of Summerland, Coun. Doug Holmes is fluent in French.)

If the event was in Alberta or B.C., sure, we can live with that. Quebec City is simply too far, too expensive.

And, please don’t argue that it’s a nice perk. That’s why there’s a stipend.

This comes only six months after an election.

James Miller is managing editor of the Kelowna Daily Courier.

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