Editor's Notebook

Even Taylor Swift couldn't save "Cats."

What I did over the Christmas holidays. I went to the movies a lot. In 20 seconds or less, here’s all you need to know:

“Cats”: It’s not as awful as the critics said. It’s bad, really bad, just not terrible. The signature song, “Memory” is disappointing because Jennifer Hudson sings it in character (well). Barry Manilow, where are you when we need you? Grade: D.

“Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker”: Long, confusing action sequences, too many characters. The seventh film is the best in this latest trilogy. But, it’s always nice to see Chewbacca (even though it wasn’t Peter Mayhew in the wookie costume). C-plus.

“Little Women”: Go see it! Now! I couldn’t believe how good it was.

A classic for the ages. A-plus.

“Marriage Story”: Superb acting with Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver and Laura Dern — all front-runners to win their respective categories at the Academy Awards. “Kramer vs. Kramer” for the new millennium. Available on Netflix. A.

“The Irishman”: Joe Pesci plays someone other than a lunatic and Al Pacino works with Martin Scorsese for the first time. At nearly four hours, this Netflix movie can be watched over two nights. Skillful filmmaking, it just seems like every other Scorsese gangster film. B-plus.

- - -

Congratulations to Penticton city councillor Katie Robinson for becoming the first person to twice have the No. 1 quote of the year in The Herald’s New Year’s column. Her remark to Interior Health, “With all due respect, it’s not the city handing out these needles,” was one for the ages. And, I agree with her.

- - -

Another notable example of what can happen with a ranked ballot is Stephane Dion, who won the federal Liberal leadership over Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff in 2007. By all accounts, Dion was everyone’s second pick. Dion was known as one of the nicest men in Ottawa.

- - -

I forgot to mention last week and it’s still the Christmas season that if you haven’t done so already, please consider leaving a tip or gift for your newspaper carrier. They’re up early five days a week, in good and bad weather, to deliver the news to you.

- - -

A church shooting in Texas this week occurred in White Settlement. Villagers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of not changing the name. They should — Hooterville, Mayberry, Bedrock ... anything!

- - -

One of the most popular shows on streaming service right now is a reboot of “Lost in Space” and apparently, it’s quite good. I never bought the premise of the original. Dr. Smith was an idiot, and I can’t believe he ever graduated from medical school. And why didn’t John Robinson shoot him at the end of the pilot episode?

It did have a really cool theme song.

James Miller is managing editor of the Kelowna Daily Courier.