Give our city a gem, not another eyesore

Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Edmund House’s letter  “Theatre should be downtown” (Courier, July 11).

We give total support. Why allow another high rise to spoil a perfect location for a rejuvenated community theatre that will enhance the already budding culture area of Kelowna, complete with grass, walkways, gardens, roundabouts for traffic, restaurants, hotels, etc. Give Kelowna another gem — not an eyesore.

Jim and Lee Kiddell


Frequent letter writer Bob Harris has a fan

Dear Editor:

One of your letter contributors by the name of Bob Harris (“Get tough on drug dealers,” Courier, July 11) is one of your best as he makes so much sense on his soapbox.

Harris is speaking and writing exactly how many of us feel and we agree with him out here in the real world. He really hits on the ills of today’s society and doesn’t pussyfoot around the issues.

Mr. Harris, please keep writing and contributing regularly to the letters page of The Daily Courier. As there is so much going on and we have to voice our opinion and get our heads out of the sand.

Carol Stein


“Unplanned” this year’s must-see film

Dear Editor:

The film “Unplanned” exposes truths abortion advocates would much rather remain hidden. That is why, in a nutshell, they are doing all they can to prevent it from being shown. 

Their efforts to censor the film (along with our billboards, public displays, advertising, etc.) discredit their claims of being “pro-choice.” If they are so “pro-choice,” why try to deny the choice of others to go see a movie?

Sounds more like anti-choice censorship to me. 

The leader of the anti-choice effort to ban the film, Joyce Arthur, makes the ludicrous, fear-mongering claim it will “incite violence again abortion providers” and thus should be banned. How ironic, considering the only threats of violence (and even death) thus far have come exclusively from her pro-abortion side of the aisle. 

Spend an hour or so at the pro-life vigil on Tuesdays at the Kelowna hospital and you will quickly see which side uses harassment, shaming, vile gestures, and intimidation to push their beliefs. Hint: it isn’t the pro-lifers. 

She also claims it is “propaganda.” I wonder how many making this claim have even seen the movie. My guess is 0-1% of them. In reality, the propaganda can be found in their slogans and euphemisms like “pro-choice” and “reproductive rights.”  

“Unplanned” needs to be seen. It’s an eye-opener and it has the potential to change your mind about abortion. That is why, and that is the only reason why, Ms. Arthur and her ilk are so terrified of it.

Marlon Bartram

Executive Director

Kelowna Right to Life Society

President Trump lacks a moral centre

Dear Editor:

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it is one that precludes reality.

Donald Trump was “righteously elected” (Courier letters, July 10). Come on, now give your head a shake. Trump may have accomplished a few things in two-and-a-half years, but you do not carry out greatness and, at the same time carry on, as we are reminded nearly every day, like an “inept, clumsy, chaotic, insecure” whack job. His only constant is incoherent blathering.

He lacks any kind of a moral centre. In fact, I would call him a moral leper. One could go on ad nauseam about his faults. Trump lacks any redeeming qualities and the United States, in fact the entire world, will be much better off without his presence in the Oval Office.

Paul Crossley


Federal Liberal bias; Green, NDP locally

Dear Editor:

Your newspaper clearly supports the Liberals federally and the NDP or Greens locally.

Instantly clear when you see Greg Perry in his usual place so far left he is almost left behind. Sad he couldn’t find another job in the Maritimes. But, he wouldn’t have fit there very well either.

But Friday and Saturday last week your support letters from the usual suspects takes the cake. On Friday we have “Scheer unworthy of being a leader” by Mel Gauthier and “BC works better under the NDP” by John Bailey.

To spice things up a little and to make sure we really got the message, on Saturday you published  “BC better off with the NDP” by Mel Gauthier followed by “Scheer unworthy of being a leader” by John Bailey.

Cleverly switching the authors and changing the headings slightly did not put this worthy reader off the scent.

It seems that the NDP and Liberals are sending out the same garbage to all their supporters who are then sending it far and wide under different names or perhaps your editorial staff thought they were so wonderful that they should be shared will all of us twice in case we missed the message.

When you publish political news releases like these you should charge money and state that they are paid political announcements.

To make fully sure that we didn’t get your point you also published “Scheer supporters are just like Trump’s” by Jack Westerborg.

There are so many inaccuracies in the content that a semi-educated person would dismiss them instantly, but there are certain myths that should be challenged. The Rail Trail was fully supported by Ron Cannan, both morally and financially. Without the help of the Conservative government, it would never have come to pass. MP Stephen Fuhr had nothing to do with it and should not be trying to cadge credit years after the fact.

And to suggest that Conservatives are Trump supporters is ludicrous. The old Liberal lie that they are the party of the centre and Conservatives are the party of the far right. Totally ridiculous. 

The Liberal “centre” is so far left of Bernie Sanders that even he can’t find it. Can’t wait to see your next installments from the Liberals and NDP.

Alan Nichols