Dear Editor:

Re: “Our democratic institutions at risk,” by Allison Budd (Courier, Aug. 23).

When it comes to politics, beware of “trickle down.” Conservatives love corporations. They feed and stroke each other. They fill each other’s pockets and lower each other’s tax rate. They remove pesky regulations and ignore the safety of the masses, because after all, only profit matters and profit belongs in the pockets of the chosen.

What trickles down is good enough for the rest of us, and we all know what trickles down. In order to preserve that God-given order of things, they have to convince us that “survival of the fittest” is good for us. Well, good enough, anyway!

This may appear to apply to both major parties, but it doesn’t. Let me explain.

One of those parties has the humanity to put a few alms in the hands of the masses. One of those parties brought in family allowance, OAS, GIS, employment insurance, CPP, the National Housing Act,

universal health care, veteran’s care, and built the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Trans Canada Pipeline and the TransCanada Highway.

The Conservative party objected strenuously to each one.

The Westray mine disaster of 1992 — 26 deaths — took place because multi-levels of Conservative governments allowed a corporation to proceed without safety infrastructure in place. Next to trickle down on that road to hell is “deregulation.”

Keep people economically desperate enough and they are willing to work under any conditions.

When you watch the news these days, think back to the Stephen Harper-decade of omnibus and ominous, when the whistle blower was annihilated and everyone, including the scrubber of the parliamentary toilet, was required to sign a “loyalty agreement” vowing never to speak or they’d lose their toilet brush for life.

Whereas one of these parties says, “If you already have money and pay income tax, I will let you deduct an expense or two off your income tax, once you prove you don’t need it.”

The other party says, “Your pockets are empty. I will put a little money in them and allow you a chance at some quality of life.”

You figure out which is which.

And, then beware of the “Improved 2.0 Version” of the flawed Conservative program — unfortunately exactly as advertised.