Captain and Tennille trivia: Toni Tennille sang back-up vocals on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Elton John’s “Caribou” (which included “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” and “The Bitch is Back.”)

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The future husband-and-wife duo were the first to record “I Write the Songs,” by Bruce Johnston — not the school board trustee — of The Beach Boys. Barry Manilow made it a No. 1 hit after the C&T’s version went nowhere.

One more. Captain and Tennille recorded “Love Will Keep Us Together” in Spanish (“Por Amor Viviremos”). It reached No. 49 on the U.S. Billboard pop charts.

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Joe Fries stirred a hornet’s nest in Penticton with his suggestion that Richard Cannings of the NDP hasn’t brought much to the South Okanagan-West Kootenay riding.

I don’t think anyone can question Cannings’ sincerity, intellect or previous life experiences or his efforts as a member of Parliament.

His annual cross-riding bike ride shows his incredible fitness level for a man in his 60s. I’d make it about as far as Kaleden before collapsing.

The challenge Conservative Helena Konanz and Liberal Connie Denesiuk will face is that their opponent is highly respected in the community. Everybody likes him.

One thing to remember is that Penticton is only 35 per cent of the entire riding and the NDP traditionally scores big in the Kootenays. (In a tight three-way race in 2015, Cannings did finish first in the polls in Penticton and Naramata.)

But, as Fries correctly stated, an MP representing the party in

power is far more likely to bring grant money into the riding along with other perks than an MP in opposition.

Compare Liberal Stephen Fuhr in Kelowna-Lake Country with his three neighbouring ridings. Fuhr has brought tons of dough to Kelowna-Lake Country, along with the prime minister (twice) plus a cabinet retreat.

If Jagmeet Singh becomes prime minister, it will be the greatest

political comeback in Canadian history.

But, Trudeau went from third in the polls to a sweeping majority in 2015, so anything is possible.

And, as Chris Walker of CBC Radio said in a recent interview with Okanagan Newspaper Group, a year is an eternity in politics.

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Get well soon and our best wishes to Charlie Hodge. The City of Kelowna will miss your common sense and no-BS approach that’s made you popular among voters.

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I thought The Beatles were the masters of making millions by

recycling old material (“Love,” “1,” “Anthology,” “The White Album” 50th anniversary edition).

They’re actually a distant second to Disney, which is now reworking many of the animated classics as live action, the latest being “Aladdin.”

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If you’re interested in U.S. politics, go see “Vice” with Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. It’s a good movie.

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Sedaka is back.

James Miller is valley editor for the Okanagan Newspaper Group.

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