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Editorial cartoon for Nov. 6, 2015.

100 years ago: Nov. 6, 1915

Local news

Saturday, November 20, will be Dollar Day in Kelowna. All kinds of bargains are to be offered.

Telegraph lines between Kelowna and Vernon were put out of action owing to the gale last Friday.

There are bicycle thieves in town, Chief Constable Thomas wishes to warn Kelowna inhabitants. He cautions people not to leave their bicycles in places where they can be quickly and easily stolen.

Some important letters are to be delivered next week by the Boy Scouts.

Be sure to read them.

50 years ago: nov. 6, 1965

Council notes

The three civic unions will be contacted and asked their demands so the next round of bargaining can begin when Ald. Pollard returns.

Council offered every assistance toward Operation Cosmetic, which is a city-wide clean-up campaign being promoted by the Jaycees. Mayor Parkinson reported approvingly of the opening in Kamloops recently of an $850,000 facility that includes an arena, curling rink, convention hall, and playing fields.

Council passed its condolences to Mrs. Bob Giordano following Bob’s death last Saturday. “A good citizen was taken away,” the mayor said.

25 years ago: Nov. 6, 1990

Band to collect taxes

People living on Westbank Indian band lands will pay taxes to the band next year, but have no vote on how the money will be spent.

However, Chief Robert Louie insisted Friday residents who are not band members will be given a say through a new residents’ council.

“We will have an advisory board where we will invite the residents participate,” he said. “We will listen to what they say because, if we don’t, we will be cutting off our nose to spite our face.”

Priorities for the band include a new police force and acquiring unoccupied Crown land.

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