Addicts preferred over our seniors

Dear Editor:

I was very happy to hear that the McCurdy Road facility has been changed to a dry one.

Now we’ve come to the same issues on Agassiz Road.

Putting a 52-unit wet facility in this neighbourhood is asking for serious problems. About 80% of the residents are seniors, many of us with health or disability issues. One of the reasons for choosing to live in this area is because it is a short distance to shopping, medical offices and a movie theatre. We can walk to pick up a few groceries, get a haircut and do banking if we are no longer able to drive.

Now we, being vulnerable, will have to walk by this residence housing occupied by many people with addiction issues. As we read in the newspaper every day, people are being assaulted, harassed, having property stolen and verbally abused.

Needles, garbage and feces line the streets. The drug dealers will be arriving as this is obviously an area where their customers now live.

Having been valuable, contributing members of this community for many years, it is totally unacceptable that our issues have been ignored. It seems that in the opinion of our civic leaders, the comfort and safety of the homeless is of more concern than ours.

We will not stop complaining.

In a recent poll, 80% of Kelowna residents said they would not want a wet facility in their area.

We cannot sell our properties, as no one wants to buy a condo in this area now. The largest wet, homeless facility in the city is not attractive to any buyer, no matter how appealing the interior might be.

Yes, addicts need help, not only a roof over their heads, but detoxification, counselling and treatment.

Then moved to Agassiz Road.

Please reconsider the use of this location.

Joanna Blacklock