Dear Editor:

Re: “Heatwave a challenge for workers, employers,” (Daily Courier, Aug. 8)

We are now going through a heat wave and I would like to remind everybody, especially outdoor workers about rehydration.

We need not only water, but salt. In the severe heat of summer, our bodies sweat losing water and salt. This will cause mental confusion, fatigue nausea, muscle cramps and fainting from dehydration.

Have you ever noticed that in severe hot weather when you drink lots of plain water you go to the bathroom a lot, but still feel parched? This is because your body is trying to conserve its salt or electrolytes.

Salt in the blood has to remain at a very precise level for all body functions. This is controlled by the kidneys. By drinking plain water and losing salt in sweat, your body cannot retain water because it has to balance its salt.

Our stomach cannot tolerate drinking plain salty water. This will cause vomiting. Several years ago, it was discovered that our digestive tract absorbs sugar water much better than plain water. Using this knowledge the World Health Organization invented a rehydration formula that had saved countless lives around the world.

It contains sugar and salt together in the exact proportions that our body will absorb quickly. It is available in powder form from pharmacies and also available in stores as Gatorade. To remain well hydrated in the summer heat drink Gatorade. Alternate with water, ice tea or lemonade if you like but to quench thirst and restore body fluids nothing beats Gatorade. It is safe for diabetics and all you marathon runners.

No, I do not have shares in that company.