Dear editor:

Jim Taylor’s column (Okanagan Weekend, Aug. 31) should be saved by all people who can get their hands on it.

Taylor described our world turning restlessly in a sick bed with no cure in sight.

No amount of talk, writing or throwing dollar bills at it will change things.

What is it, you may ask? Climate change, of course, with no workable idea to get things back on track.

If there was even a faint hope for change it would take the entire population of the world to pull together instead of being engaged in a tug-of-war caused by the lust for power and control where a winner takes all.

Mind you, people in this so-called modern world fail to pick up their own garbage.

Many countries have a nuclear arsenal that likely could jeopardize all life on earth and sea and in the air if just one country gambled it all.

Even if one country took the notion to gamble on a quick win, I think jelly would stick to a wall before that bet came true because even the ones wearing the suits don’t want to die.

Or maybe some don’t care?

As a non-professional writer, I have written about many things, but climate change is in the sight of all eyes in the world and, like Taylor, I too am pessimistic.

I would not be surprised if one day the four winds stopped blowing and the ocean tides quit changing and the fracking of Mother Nature ceased forever.

A lonely walk across all the garbage in polluted oceans and seas, along with a burned-out planet, where mankind never did put a major fire out.

Way back in time where no dollars or equipment existed, so a simple water bucket brigade was the in thing.

A wildfire went out when there was nothing left to burn or perhaps nature and the wind got the call from the creator to extinguish the fire-hungry monster

Thank you Jim Taylor for the written eye-opener. It, too, will be forgotten tomorrow, like all other news around the world, once again proving that if it’s nothing personal or hits close to home the words don’t mean a thing.