Dear Editor:

“Is cable television on the way out?,” by James Miller (Okanagan Weekend, Aug. 24).

Definitely! I keep in touch with a nephew in the UK and all the young people are dumping cable. Over here, a couple of years ago, I swapped back to Shaw after Telus tried to increase their rates which were supposed to be guaranteed for a two-year period.

Unfortunately, Shaw has the same modus operandi and have made numerous increases since getting my business back, while at the same time, offering less

content. Last year, Sportsnet and TSN stopped carrying the European League soccer and the same has happened to the English Premier League this year, which signed a three-year deal with DAZN.

It would cost me $20 per month to view the soccer on DAZN that I previously had on Shaw. As Shaw made no offer to reduce my cable bill accordingly, my wife and I are currently deciding our future viewing plans and it does not include either of the cable providers.