Dear Editor:

During the hour-long traffic disruption organized by a group called Kelowna Climate Save late on Saturday afternoon (Courier, Aug. 27), organizers explained why the event was taking place: animal agriculture is impacting our planet.   

Their message was ignored by most of the drivers who beeped their horns in displeasure. The longest delay any of them experienced was under 10 minutes on Highway 97.   Following the brief traffic stop on the highway, the activists moved to a safer location at the intersection of Bernard and Richter streets. There the traffic was held up for less than two minutes several times until the event ended an hour later.

Activists carried signs saying: “Canadian Climate Crisis” and “Boycott Ribfest.” One enterprising participant created a large sign which read “Climate Crisis — STOP — Eating Meat.”

Meanwhile, Ribfest continued to feed pig ribs to people who seem to not care that animal agriculture is impacting our planet’s ability to sustain life.  

And drivers delayed for a few minutes were not interested to hear that the Amazon rain forest, set ablaze to make room for a cattle pasture or to grow feed crops for animals, was threatening to destroy 20% of the world’s oxygen source.  

One of the speakers compared the public’s different reaction to two fires. The first severely damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in April, the second is destroying the Amazon rainforest. Notre Dame immediately received world-wide attention and donations, while the Amazon burned for three weeks before anyone at the press decided to investigate.  

The deliberate destruction of the Amazon rainforest merely to feed cattle is now an open secret. Animal agriculture is bad for our planet. In Canada, the connection between factory farming (which provides the animals parts stocked on supermarket shelves) and environmental degradation has been ignored. 

Mainstream media coverage is restricted by ratings. That is why social media platforms are filling the information void.

Most of the 76 activists who disrupted traffic for one hour are too young to have written petitions and letters for 30 or even 10 years, yet they know that such petitions and letters did not effect change. I agree.  

The planet continues to suffer, more species are becoming extinct and factory farming is big business while animals endure unimaginable horrors.    

Your readers can find out more about the event on the internet at “Jane Unchained Live” in Kelowna. One of the videos is about the climate change traffic disruption, the other is about the lives of pigs shown by members of Anonymous for the Voiceless in two cubes of truth.