Walkway needs city’s attention

Dear Editor:

I agree 100 per cent with the editorial (Courier, May 14) about fixing up the walkways in City Park and the promenade.

I like to cycle there; it’s a great route up Abbott’s cycling path, over to the bridge to enter City Park and all the way to the nature area. 

How it’s set up now doesn’t make for a relaxing ride. I was slowly cycling there a few days ago (people were jogging past me) and a lady who was strolling with a group started drifting in front of me as I was about to pass. No harm was done, but I can see how a cyclist moving at decent pace and not on high alert could easily injure someone.

I think it makes sense for the city to upgrade the walkway so that people can enjoy it both on foot and on bike in a safer manner. 

Lindsay Perry


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