Dear editor:

Canada has been a leader with others to make sure that the Global Fund is constantly getting monies needed to help defend and eradicate HIV, TB and Malaria around the world.

The Global Fund’s programs are designed to help make sure that girls can continue their education, can access the services they need to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, can access maternal, newborn, and pediatric health care, and will fully understand their own medical needs.

Many are grateful to Canada for its past leadership and investment in the Global Fund to fight Aids, TB and malaria.

We are at a critical moment when the minimum will not be enough to prevent us from sliding back deeper into crisis.

We need Canada to increase its investment, like other countries have already done, so that we can help avert 234 million infections of HIV, TB and malaria and cut the mortality rate from these diseases in half by 2023.

Mr. Justin Trudeau, we must indeed “accelerate our efforts” – and keep our promises. Our PM stated in 2016, “Canada will continue to champion the important work being done to end these epidemics. We can end these epidemics for good, if we accelerate our efforts.”

As citizens, we urge Canada to keep its promise.

Lennor Stieda