Dear Editor:

I haven’t read anything further on that terrible City of Kelowna-idea to replace our irreplaceable site, since early July.

Enough has surely been said by so many hundreds — likely thousands — who have so earnestly asked that not such a blunder be allowed to happen and this beautiful property remain as is on its present ideal broad lakeshore location with, perhaps, if desired, just a little updating.

The present layout at Sarson's Beach, more properly deserves a “heritage” designation as it commemorates the “soul” of the city as so many remember it.

The present city council, with its continual “deaf ear” to those to those who deeply care, cannot replace this highly diversified, heavily used and much-loved lakeshore green haven with any of their much-touted highly-efficient alternatives.

Besides being a rare example of earlier lakeside living with canoes, rowboats and sailboats, the old aquatic club and yearly regattas as summer pleasures in Kelowna, this centre intrigues young people, charms, entertains and refreshes all others.

Being an apprentice at this form of communication, I only hope that this letter is read by mayor and council and if so, ask them to kindly reconsider any decision to destroy any part of such a wonderful contributor to the whole area.