Dear Editor:

In August, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled against Michael Mann, the Penn State professor who created the iconic “hockey stick” climate-change graph, in a defamation fight over criticism of his work. Costs were awarded to Tim Ball.

Mann is considering an appeal.

Mann’s graph is used as a basis for climate change by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

It claims an unprecedented spike in global average temperature in the 20th century after about 500 years of stability.

In 2003, the University of Guelph showed the “hockey stick” curve is primarily the result of poor data handling, obsolete data and incorrect calculation of principal components.

When the data was corrected it showed a warm period in the 15th century that exceeded the warmth of the 20th century.

The British website Principia Scientific International commented that the lawsuit's “extraordinary outcome will likely trigger severe legal repercussions for Dr. Mann in the U.S. and may prove fatal to alarmist climate science claims that modern temperatures are unprecedented.”

Dr. Ball’s first crucial courtroom win was against Dr. Andrew Weaver, a UN IPCC lead author in climate modeling. Weaver is currently leader of the provincial wing of the Green Party and holds the balance of power in B.C.’s NDP government.

Dr. Ball’s alleged offence was his statement that the IPCC had diverted almost all climate research funding and scientific investigation to anthropogenic global warming.

This meant that there was virtually no advance in the wider understanding of climate and climate change.

Weaver’s libel case against Dr. Ball was dismissed by the B.C. Supreme Court last year.

IPCC efforts to silence Dr. Ball through multi-million-dollar legal actions have failed and its key scientists are unable to defend their theory on predicted climate change and global warming.

Based on junk science the enormity of the fraud is breathtaking.

Most troubling is the billions spent in a world-wide exercise pursued by the UN with the acquiescence of politicians jumping on the bandwagon and using it to gain votes.

They make a great show of building windmill and solar farms and making electric cars in the name of combating climate change, but it is all window dressing.

Frightening school children into thinking they are inheriting a doomed planet is wrong.

Climate change is a fact.

The causes apparently have been waylaid in pursuit of personal agendas.