Dear Editor:

Re: West Ave 454-464 rezoning for apartment housing and commercial use. Changing the current zoning to allow for increased density (and beyond) is approved at the discretion of mayor and council.

These variances give the city an opportunity to request for more than the usual development cost charges. In this neighbourhood, council zoned a 900-foot stretch of waterfront land for park development, but claimed a lack of of funding ($1.1M) to proceed.

The proposed apartment-style housing (as well as the other similar project recently approved on nearby Groves Avenue) increases the need for open park space for families moving to the immediate area. It seems logical then to request that these developments pay into a fund for the park’s development.

However, no such funding has been requested and, in fact, the city is reducing the development costs to make it more attractive for development.

I would like to have the reasoning behind this raised by one or more councillors so that the public has a better understanding. I cannot think of a better time or opportunity to make the park happen at no cost to taxpayers.

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