Only Fools go to School

There is the smart thing to do, and then there is the stupid way. If this was a test in school; and you were asked to pick one of the two. Would you pick smart or stupid?

If you picked smart, then give yourself an A. For the nonconformists: F for you.

Education is the smart path to take in life. Your parents gave their lives in the hopes that their children wouldn’t make the same mistakes they did — and so on, and so on.

Generational education is a never-ending chain; from early cave man/woman to you and your offspring and so on, and so on.

Think of history as a learning curve: stone age people made tools. Next the bronze age forged metal, and they passed the torch on to the industrial age. Today we’re lucky enough to live in the age of the Geek.

We’ve finally came to the age of brain power: the thinkers, visionaries, artists and creators. It also brings us to a fork in the road of history.

In the stone age those simple-minded homousians took their knowledge and made spears. During the bronze age they advanced the killing, then came bullets — and so on, and so on.

Will we Earthlings continue to use our knowledge as the pointed end of death or will humanity finally look-up humanity in the


Throughout history’s learning curve there have been a few hiccups. The dark ages were plagued by stupid religious superstitions that proved deadly to millions. Then came Hitler and his hateful racism. Sadly, there are fools, in this day and age, that still believe in such nonsense.

“What did you do in World War II, grandpa?” “I fought the Nazis for your freedom, whipper-snapper.”

Now is the time to ask yourself, what do I wish for my children’s children — and so on, and so on?

“What did you do in the 2020s grandpa?” “I fought the Nazis for your freedom, whipper-snapper.”

With every swat on the ass came a lesson of right and wrong, smart or stupid, praise or punishment.

Education is essential to the next generation; and therein lies the choice a parent must weigh.

With the deadly COVID-19 situation we find ourselves in, you breeders out there must ask yourselves this: education vs. putting your child’s life in danger?

Should parents send those nose-picking, rule breaking know-it-all brats to one building? Does that sound smart or stupid to you?

Everyone knows: scientist, doctors, teachers even the damned janitor knows that schools are nothing more than petri dishes. These places of higher learning are in my opinion, being pretty damned stupid.

Learning from home is a very natural transition in today’s wi-fi world. Children are brought up with a Mac in the crib, and teethed on a mouse.

Besides, home schooling will teach them a good life-lesson.

They have to sit for hours doing something they hate, as some mother stands over them, checking their work for mistakes and threatens you to tell the boss (dad).

In my opinion, if children are sent back to school and the annual flu season combines with this new virus; we’re not only putting the children in peril, but also their parents, teachers, the janitors and their families.

Maybe even you — and so on, and so on?

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