Those who have truly tried to like Justin Trudeau, seeing him as a breath of fresh air in the nasty world of politics, have to be disappointed.

How often have we heard the words “sorry” and “I take responsibility?” How often do we have to dismiss foolish and unethical acts to inexperience?

Knocking MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau over when he took matters of Parliament procedure into his own hands.

A family vacation to the Aga Khan’s island. Ethics violation No. 1.

Three brown and blackface photos surface, which he never disclosed, including the Arabian Nights when he was 29 and employed as a teacher.

SNC Lavalin. Ethics violation No. 2.

Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould accuse the prime minister of being misogynistic

He’s either too vain or too naive to understand that as a G7 leader, you’re living in a fishbowl.

Now comes WE. Trudeau and Bill Morneau should have known they had to recuse themselves from a decision to award the management of a nearly $1 billion program to an organization that had their family members on the payroll.

Trudeau has staff. He has advisers. Anyone who has served on city council or a school board (which Trudeau has not) understands this.

Trudeau’s mother was paid $250,000 for 28 speeches at WE.

Some history.

Margaret Trudeau was one of the first “celebrities” to speak candidly about mental illness. But, that hardly qualifies her as an expert. With no disrespect intended, her greatest claim to fame was being married to Canada’s 15th prime minister.

At the time when Trudeau’s mother, wife and brother were paid, some other presenters were told that “WE doesn’t pay its speakers.”

It’s puzzling why Trudeau’s caucus continues to support his immaturity and lack of judgment.

In the last election, decent candidates like former cabinet minister Ralph Goodale and Stephen Fuhr in Kelowna-Lake Country paid the price.

There is talent on the Liberal front bench. They don’t need to solely rely on the star appeal of Trudeau, who, notwithstanding, has done a lot of good work.

Perhaps it’s time for the Liberal party to hold an internal leadership review.

And, as a footnote, Jimmy Carter is the only living U.S. president who does not charge for his speaking engagements.

— James Miller, Managing Editor, Penticton Herald