Dear Editor:

So, Conservative candidate Tracy Gray has ducked the media after skipping out of an all-candidate meeting. She declined an interview with CPAC, which follows on her absence from an earlier meeting to discuss climate change.

How are we to judge her views on the climate if she is unwilling to put her self out there and what can we expect of a potential MP if she is that unwilling to engage with the community she hopes to represent? Our current, and hopefully returning, MP Stephen Fuhr has shown himself willing to engage and listen to our community on any and all issues, even when his views do not coincide with those in the audience.

Besides, Fuhr has shown himself to be a dedicated MP who has brought significant benefits to the community – the reinstatement of our veterans affairs office, significant funding for UBCO, clean water infrastructure and the Okanagan Rail Trail to name a few items.

At the federal level, we have the lowest unemployment rate ever, significant economic growth and increased child benefits as well as reduced taxes on middle income earners.

For me, I see no reason to switch parties this election. I voted Liberal.