Too rural, not enough diversity, soul searching needed, say B.C. Liberals

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson leaves the stage after announcing he is stepping down as party leader, during a news conference in Burnaby, B.C., on Monday, October 26, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

• The BC Liberals are shopping around for a new leader and, if they choose the right one, he or she could possibly be the next premier by 2024. The person who I think would be the best premier and would also be easily electable by the citizens of B.C. — Clarence Louie, chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band.

• Why do the people who mailed in their ballots claim to be second-tier citizens? In ridings like Vernon Monashee, where it’s close, the mail-ins will determine the final outcome.

• Skillful timing or huge coincidence? Dr. Bonnie Henry dropped the hammer on stricter COVID-19 restrictions just after the election.

• I predict the next federal election won’t come anytime before Oct. 19, 2021. That will be the six-year anniversary for many of the present MPs and at the six-year milestone, they qualify for a pension that only the rest of us can dream of. MPs don’t want to risk losing their seat due to a needless election. 

• Tina Lee, who ordinarily works in MP Richard Cannings’ office and Rob Murphy, the executive assistant for MP Dan Albas, were both active in the provincial election managing the campaigns of Toni Boot and Renee Merrifield, respectively. For the record, Lee and Murphy were both on unpaid leaves of absence from their jobs (I checked) which truly shows how dedicated they are to the democratic process.

• The greatest argument for proportional representation comes from the political parties themselves. Party members don’t use first-past-the-post to determine the winner. But it’s OK for the rest of us during a general election.

• Greg Gabriel, the retired Penticton Indian Band administrator, is the new chief. If this becomes a new trend, we could have Wendy Hyer and Peter Weeber running for the school board and city council.

• With parents banned from attending their kids’ sporting events due to COVID, it must be a dream come true for conveners, coaches and especially referees.

• You may have forgotten that 2020 was a leap year, appropriate considering this year sucked so much.

• I used a coupon from The Herald to try Papa Murphy’s. What I thought was really neat — no sales tax because they prepare the pizza for you to take home, but don’t cook it. The pizza is also awesome.

• Happy 75th birthday to The Fonz, Henry Winkler. I watched an old episode on ME-TV of “Happy Days” the other night and for a show set in the late-50s/early 60s, the male characters — Chachi especially — all had late-70s hairstyles.

• If you need to be convinced that conversion therapy is both evil and cruel, watch the 2009 documentary “Boy Interrupted” or the 2018 film “Boy Erased” with Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman. Shame on the seven MPs who are in opposition to banning it.

• It’s crude and often gross, but the sequel to “Borat,” now available on Amazon, is also extremely funny with the best final-scene payoff since “The Sixth Sense.”

• In an effort to save water, a conservation group in the UK recommends that you “pee in the shower.” Is this study sponsored by Dow bathroom cleaner?

• Happy Halloween everybody!

James Miller is managing editor of The Penticton Herald. Email: