Dear Editor:

“School board urged to fight pot shop,” (Courier, Aug 23).

I have no connection to BC Cannabis, or anyone in the industry.

It appears that certain school trustees show a lack of logical and critical thinking. One hopes this does not infect school classrooms.

The presence of drug paraphernalia littering the yard of George Pringle Elementary School has nothing to do with the proposed location of the BC Cannabis store.

First, the store, once opened, will not sell the material that litters the school yard.

Second, the store is not currently open, so the material about which the trustee is concerned, could not have originated there.

There has been a liquor store closer to the school for many years. There is also a supermarket selling BC wines and cider, closer to the school than the proposed BC Cannabis store.

Anyone trying to reach the proposed BC Cannabis store from the school must walk down a steep hill, cross a busy street and parking area, pass one of these two establishments selling alcoholic beverages, before reaching the proposed store.

The rules concerning the sale of cannabis are very strict. A prospective purchaser must produce government-issued ID proving their age (19) in order to be admitted. Do the trustees really think that an elementary school pupil is going to meet this test?

The school board should be concerned with their clear responsibility to facilitate the education of children, not with fighting other branches of government (federal, provincial and municipal) who do have that responsibility. Good job they are not the ones teaching our children.