Great work by ambulance crews

Dear Editor:

To the women and men of the ambulance service in Kelowna, for the past two years, I have had some serious health issues and had to have the help of the Kelowna Ambulance Service four times.

Each time, I had a different crew show up. Each set of two crew members were superior and outstanding in their medical care for me. I felt completely safe and relaxed in their hands.

The incredible way you treat people with calmness and knowledge and warmth is exceptional ... to say the least. The traumatic things you see and do daily take great strength for both you and your families to deal with. You still go on and that amazes me. The admirable way you are towards all people makes it an honour that I met you.

Thank you for what you do and who you are. God Bless and please stay safe.

R. Leigh Campbell


Frustrated with our voting system

Dear Editor:

So, here we go again, another election for more frustration. We have an old system, we vote for 338 people to go to Ottawa to do our business there. 

The five parties will divide the votes according to their support by voters. Out of this, the people with the most votes (it is usually much less than 50% of the available votes) will attend Ottawa. So, the winning party may have a total of about 39% of cast votes and still have the full power to operate the country for the next four to five years. 

From this, the prime minister will select his group of people who will be ministers and have a portfolio to look impressive in the news and dole out money to further the party’s hold on the voters. 

If 40 MPs are in this group, what do the other 298 MPs perform? It must be cold in Ottawa since they need that many rear ends to warm up the seats. MPs who are not significant in standing, actually have to make appointments and receive permission to speak in the House, thus who really has the power? Your MPs are just there to keep the seats warm. 

Then, we must mention the party whip — just what does this person do? He or she makes sure each member of the “team” votes according to the boss (PMO) to force any bill through the House, whether each MP agrees with it or not. 

Then, there is the Senate: the PMO’s candy to reward friends of his to have a cushy job until age 75 with a huge salary, pension and benefits including flying first class all over the world obtaining critical information for the PMO. 

Did we mention the lobbyists? 

No, so here they are 3,300 registered lobbyists in Ottawa. What is their job?

For example SNC- Lavalin has sent their lobbyist to the PMO office many times to attempt to obtain favours with the PMO to not have to go to court on bribery and corruption charges. 

How do lobbyist work?

Lobbyists carry suitcases of cash and if they get what they want, they forget to take the suitcase with them. 

I believe we have pollution in Ottawa. Please vote carefully, it is all we have left of our sanity. 

Jorgen Hansen


Our democratic institutions at risk

Dear Editor:

Recent letter writers seem to ignore the extremely important issues at stake in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

This is about Liberal politicians seeking to influence criminal prosecutions. This is about corruption at the highest levels — just like you get in tin pot dictatorships that do not have a robust rule of law. Without that, our most cherished democratic institutions are at risk.

One writer complained that the SNC- Lavalin legal proceedings should have been dealt with much earlier. For the record, the Stephen Harper government refused to pass legislation for a deferred prosecution agreement.

When the Liberals were elected, the prime minister’s office was aggressively lobbied by SNC-Lavalin to bring a DPA into law. The DPA was slipped into page 220 of the budget bill. (This from a government that had railed against omnibus bills).

Yes, Justin Trudeau faced challenges as any PM must expect. But, none were as dangerous as the financial crisis faced by the Harper government and their response was acclaimed worldwide. As for the new NAFTA, it was worked on by both Conservatives and Liberals.

In foreign policy, Trudeau is a worldwide embarrassment. By playing Mr. Dress-up, he alienated India’s prime minister, just when we need to increase our trade with that country.

He skipped the signing formalities with the prime ministers of the Trans Pacific Partnership while chasing after a deal with China. However, when Trudeau was snubbed by China, he had to crawl back to sign the TPP deal.

Canada’s relationship with China is now at an all-time low. We don’t even have an ambassador in China. Trudeau is quoted as admiring China the most “because they get things done,” but they do so at huge cost in human rights.

His only consistent foreign policy is to seek a seat on the UN Security Council by borrowing billions of dollars to give to the UN for the UN’s latest projects.

Another letter writer praises Kelowna’s MP for bringing in federal dollars to the riding.

Remember how Trudeau funds his campaign to “buy voters with their own money.” He borrows it, by the billions. Unfortunately, the name on Trudeau’s credit card is the taxpayers of Canada and this means we, our children and grandchildren will be paying for Trudeau’s lavish spending for decades to come.

Allison Budd

West Kelowna

Actually, Canada is not great again

Dear Editor:

Has the Liberal government actually made Canada great again?

In four years, Liberals:

• Challenged two cabinet ministers for honestly reporting the prime minister’s criminal interference in the SNC-Lavalin investigation. Ethics commissioner ruled that he violated conflict of interest rules;

• Withheld crucial information that would prove Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s innocence, called him a traitor and attempted to ruin his life;

• Welcomed barbaric ISIS fighters back to Canada. Paid four terrorists 10 million tax dollars each and gave unsupervised day release to terrorist who stabbed three Canadian soldiers;

• Established one of the largest national tax increases in Canadian history to adversely affect low-income families, while having virtually no impact on worldwide emissions;

• Violated a promise to balance the budget, gave away $9.3 billion first year in office; placed refugees in military barracks and hotels for months at taxpayer expense; gave $700 million for abortions overseas, $200 million to Africa for climate change, and billions more, but no money for veterans. At a recent budget announcement by finance minister Bill Morneau, he projected budget shortfalls that could top $120 billion by 2022. Millennials, pull out your wallets;

• Passed Bill C16, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, to extend protection against hate propaganda (Non-use of gender-neutral names or expression that may offend someone) that may put the “offender” in jail for his speech. Dangerously, it shuts down free speech;

• Gave Liberal-thinking media $600 million, an effort to shut down opposition views (Thunder Bay Regional News);

• Repealed section C 32 of the Criminal Code to make it legal for persons age 16 to have anal sex, declaring “Our society has evolved.” Really?;

• Signed Canada to the UN Migration Pact, forcing Canadians to pay all costs for immigration/migration/illegal immigration to Canada without recourse;

• Legalized pot for recreational use (emergency hospital visits with marijuana-related symptoms in Colorado went from 84 per year in the pre-legal 2012 era to 500 per year in 2018. Ruined lives and increased hospital costs make it a colossal public-health blunder;

• Enabled economic chaos by destroying the oil industry. Kevin O’Leary stated: “Trudeau is toxic … has placed unqualified people in cabinet who do not have the skills required to negotiate on the world stage. Canada is losing.”

This is just a short list.

A morally-bankrupt and inept government can hardly claim that they “actually made Canada great again.”

Garry Rayner

West Kelowna

Trudeau should apologize, resign

Dear Editor:

The ethics commissioner found Justin Trudeau was in the wrong and guilty of everything that Jody Wison-Raybould claimed from the beginning in regards to the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Wilson-Raybould was first demoted and then, when she refused to remain silent and brought evidence forward proving that Trudeau did attempt to interfere in justice, kicked out of the Liberal caucus. Now that it has been officially found that she was doing the right thing and Trudeau was in the wrong (as he stated “was not good enough”), he should apologize to her and resign.

Trudeau has said he won’t apologize for his actions as he was only trying to save the Canadian jobs of those employed by SNC- Lavalin. To hear the PM suggest that the government should look the other way and not prosecute criminal activity if the party in question provides Canadian jobs is distressing.

Think of the employment created by those who traffic drugs, there are the importers, then the distributors, the low level dealers and on the other side the police and prosecutors who attempt to apprehend and convict these criminals. Of course, it creates employment for defence attorneys not to mention the added need of medical professionals to deal with the drug addicts created by this illegal industry.

Ridiculous, of course, but where do you draw the line when our country’s leader suggests that criminal activity is acceptable if it provides some Canadian jobs while buying votes for he and his party?

Instead of apologizing and showing remorse for his actions, he instead is now attempting to justify his unethical actions. Canadians deserve a leader with a stronger moral compass. Give someone else a chance to show better leadership. Hopefully Canadians buy into “stand on guard for thee” in the coming election.

Guy Bissonnette


Honesty always the best policy

Dear Editor:

If our prime minister would have told the truth at the beginning before turning on two ministers and lying to the people, all would have likely been forgiven.

Our prime minister — Teflon Justin Trudeau — would have said that SNC-Lavalin is important to Canada and stepped in to settle corruption charges, then fine, Canadians would have supported him. This may still pass in Ontario and Quebec, but don’t forget one thing. This so-called feminist leader called two female ministers out as liars when he was the one doing the lying. This in unforgivable and he should leave office for a job at the United Nations.

Why is honesty such a terrible policy?

Mike Polvere


Anyone want to buy Manhattan?

Dear Editor:

It appears that U.S. President Donald Trump won’t visit Greenland as he can’t buy it.

If he won’t visit any country that he can’t buy, then he will have few places to visit as most countries can no longer be bought or sold for a few blankets or the $24 worth of trinkets it cost for Manhattan.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia