Dear Editor:

Cannabis became a legal substance in Canada in October of 2018. There were a few dispensaries operating in town for a year prior to then.

One in particular in the north end of town, was well run, clean, with a large knowledgeable staff. It is ironic that it was shut down right after legalization, leaving many people out of work.

News from Vancouver on June 2 was that a dispensary owner was forced to shut down over “licensing” issues, leaving 100 out of work.

It’s also ironic that cannabis is harder to get now than it was before legalization. With this kind of incompetency from our government, I see the black market for cannabis thriving for a long time.

Our politicians, their bureaucrats and ourselves would be better served to let the private sector run the industry in its infancy. It doesn’t need a Big Brother attitude from government.

Ted Delanowski