Greg Perry cartoon

This political cartoon by Greg Perry appeared in the Jan. 8, 2020 edition of The Daily Courier.

Be scared, be very scared. The U.S./Iran tensions will not end on a positive note for anyone.

Following the military air strike that killed general Quasem Soleimani — who is now martyred in Iran — we all sit and wait to see what’s next.

This story will not have a happy ending.

It’s a wonderful distraction from the impeachment hearings. Traditionally, when there’s an election in wartime, the U.S. president is re-elected.

Mayors of large American cities (of all political stripes) are preparing for the possibility of an attack on their city.

Donald Trump is a war monger whose actions will put thousands of American lives in danger. And for what purpose? His own vanity? He’s a bully? Because he can?

Sharing the president’s fondness for inventing derogatory cognomens, “Chicken Donald” has no military experience. He famously had six deferments from Vietnam, supposedly because of bone spurs in his foot. (This never kept him from golfing in his senior years.) In fact, there’s no known record of military experience anywhere on the Trump family tree.

So while other American men, many as young as 19, were killed in Vietnam, Trump was safe at home, not even marching in the National Guard with George W. Bush.

One of the men who served his country — Senator John McCain — was mocked years later by Trump. His treatment of the McCain family was nothing short of shameful.

Most scary is Trump’s staff of military advisers also lacks experience. At least Bushes Sr. and Jr. had advisors who knew what they were doing.

Trump has boasted in the past, “I’m so smart.” He co-authored a best-seller, “The Art of the Deal.” The president would be best to use his self-professed intellect and ability to negotiate to use diplomacy, much the way his predecessor Barack Obama did.

With diplomacy, fewer young men and women will be killed.

“But, Trump’s good for the economy,” supporters of No. 45 here in Canada say.

Rather than deploying U.S. troops to the Middle East, mankind would be better served by sending them all to Australia, to help in any way they can as that continent burns.

Many Americans will disagree with this position (peace over war) and it’s unlikely the Democrats will field a candidate capable of beating Trump in this year’s election.

So let’s end with one question for those in support of the president’s recent actions.

Would you send your own son or daughter to fight in Trump’s war?