Yes, it really has come to this.

Police in Oliver say they made one arrest Tuesday after a break-in at the food bank there. Those involved allegedly made off with some food items.

“This was a heartless act which impacted many people, including those who depend on the food bank to feed both themselves and their families,” RCMP Cpl. Christina Tarasoff said in a press release.

Tarasoff forgot to mention it was also a heartbreaking act.

If the incident really went down as police say — remember, innocent until proven guilty — it makes us wonder how desperate the thieves had to be to break into a place that gives food away for free during regular business hours.

We understand why people steal to support their drug habits. We also understand why people shoplift from grocery stores to feed themselves when they’re hungry and have no other options.

But to steal from a food bank? That’s a new low. Something has gone terribly wrong here — for both the crooks and society.

The crooks have obviously lost their way in life, for whatever reason, if they’ve truly stooped this low.

But society has failed them, too, if we’ve allowed them to become so hungry they have to break in to a food bank.

We realize we can’t help those who won’t help themselves, but if the facts of this case are as the police allege, this should serve as a wake-up call about how difficult life has become for those living on the margins.

Joe Fries is city editor of The Penticton Herald.