The Penticton Walmart is pictured in a photo taken on May 19, 2019 by The Penticton Herald.

Walmart lineups are now painful

Dear Editor:

On Thursday, my husband and I went as usual to do our weekly shop at Walmart (which we have been doing since the food department opened) and since their policy for using automatic tills, we have noticed long delays and lineups at the regular tills since they only open two or three now.

We will not use these automatic tills since we know they are trying to cut back on their staff and we do not want to contribute to people losing their jobs.

This time, the lineups were chaotic because there was only one till open and two express tills. The lineup at the one till was so long that it stretched into the main walkway and along. The express lanes would only handle 12 items or less. Most of us had more items, especially with a long weekend coming up.

We waited seven minutes without moving or even being able to see the till aisle so my husband went to the main desk to complain and was told there were no others at all to man the tills. Another man came to complain that he tried to go through the express line since he only had 14 items and they would not serve him.

He, like us, refuses to use the automatic tills.

A little later, we still had not moved and people were starting to moan and then we noticed three or four supervisors talking and one came and opened up another till.

I am disabled and use a motor cart, if not we would shop somewhere else.

I believe that Walmart is trying to force us to use their automatic machines

regardless. I might add that while all this was going on, there were only two people using the automatic machines and at least 11 people wanting a till and more were joining our lineups.

Barbara Few

Okanagan Falls

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