Editor's Notebook

James Miller is valley editor for the Okanagan Newspaper Group which includes The Kelowna Daily Courier, Penticton Herald and Westside Weekly. To contact the writer: james.miller@ok.bc.ca.

Whether you knew Lynn Kalmring or just knew of her, everybody would agree her killer — former RCMP superintendent and SD67 school bus driver Keith Wiens — is making a mockery of the system.

Since being arrested (and later convicted), Wiens has more rights than his victims.

If you’re angered or puzzled by the Parole Board of Canada’s decision to allow him supervised outings in the community, write or phone your Member of Parliament. (It’s still postage free.)

You might also get satisfaction by contacting Heidi Illingworth, Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime at the Department of Justice:

1-866-481-8429 and the Parole Board of Canada: 1-800-518-8817.

While the system has continually failed Lynn Kalmring’s loved ones, this should never happen to another family.

- - -

The CBC presents “Hockey Night in Canada,” coming to you from the United States. HNIC, in my opinion, went downhill when they didn’t renew the “Peter Puck” cartoons. Then they really went too far when they got rid of the iconic theme song. How good would “Hawaii Five O” been without The Ventures’ opening instrumental?

- - -

Just in time for the Black Friday shopping, school board trustees from across B.C. are heading to Vancouver for their bi-annual conference.

One trustee, at least, is staying home knowing his board is facing major cutbacks.

James Palanio, trustee with Okanagan Skaha School District said he doesn’t consider it necessary for all seven trustees to attend.

“There’s no value in having all seven trustees going,” Palanio said in an interview. “If there’s something there that they are going to learn, they can bring it back to me.”

The average cost per trustee and senior administrator ranges between $1,500 and $2,000.

Keep in mind this board, or the previous board, ran up a huge deficit and this year’s students are suffering because of it. Slash, slash, slash. Programs are being cut, Special Needs children are not getting the services they require.

Good for Palanio for setting an example.

- - -

Rumour has it that Karla Kozakevich, chair of the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, could be challenged from the floor at the forthcoming meeting where directors vote for chair and vice-chair. Rumoured names include Riley Gettens (West Bench) and Doug Holmes (Summerland).

- - -

One of my favourite Cher songs of the past 50 years was “If I Could Turn Back Time,” her mega-comeback hit from 1989 which featured the provocative video. It’s now going to be the official theme song for British Columbia.

- - -

The concert I’m most looking forward to — Boney M. at the South Okanagan Events Centre. If you’re between the ages of 50 and 70, you obviously rollerskated to “Rasputin,” the greatest disco song ever written about a Russian monk. Never mind that it was historically inaccurate. (The monk never visited Moscow during his lifetime.)