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I’m not sure exactly when I first encountered vaping. I was leading an editing workshop. I explained the house rules, which included “No Smoking.” One participant pulled out an e-cigarette. “Is this okay?” he asked.

I haven’t addressed an issue like this for quite some time but recent events in my own circle has placed it top of mind. Here’s the issue: I’ve often been approached by someone facing a dilemma. Someone in their circle has experienced the loss of a loved one and the individual is fearful to …

“My question is, why are we always begging people to vote? It’s embarrassing. The people in this country are the luckiest people on Earth; if they don’t realize it, screw them. On the contrary: we should be grateful that the disinterested and brain dead know who they are and at least have th…

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau received a much-needed boost, Wednesday with an unexpected endorsement from Barack Obama.

Who would dare to ever tell anyone else who to vote for in elections? Yet, we know that within families, in particular, that happens all the time.

British Columbia will never get more than a few crumbs from the huge potential settlement being discussed in the U.S. over drug companies’ culpability for the opioid epidemic.

She didn’t quite stonewall when the official independent investigator called her up for a chat. But “full co-operation” isn’t the word that comes to mind when describing former B.C. legislature Speaker Linda Reid’s stance. She was Speaker from 2013 to 2017 and was — nominally — the person to…

Finally, there’s something all of the federal leaders agree on — threats against a prime minister or leader of any political party must never happen in Canada.

The size of projected future federal government deficits and the national debt (the net sum of all past deficits) seems to be an issue generating concern in the minds of many voters and consuming concern in the Conservative party. No matter what party forms the next federal government, it is…

Charlotte Brady and Anastasia Castro began raising a ruckus about single-use plastics when they were in Grade 8 — a bit younger than Greta Thunberg was when she sat down for her first climate protest.


As a print journalist, who is still working, I indeed have much to be thankful for. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I thank each and every one of our readers, as well as our incredible advertisers, for your continued love and support. I also thank our incredible staff in both Kelowna and Penti…

The South Okanagan rocks! Six friends decided to celebrate the arrival of fall by combining three days of cycling trails in the Oliver area with the eighth annual Garlic Festival last Saturday and the Festival of the Grape last Sunday.

If you were raised by parents like mine, saying thank you wasn't an option. Any time I received something I either said a prompt and courteous thank you or I'd receive the added gift of correction, on the spot. If I was a little slow with a grateful response I would immediately be prompted w…

Here we are, nine days away from a federal election. And so far, about the only thing any of the parties and candidates have been able to agree about is that the other side has more flaws than they do.

Some folks in the Okanagan confuse listening shows with background music. There’s a difference.

As a print journalist, who is still working, I indeed have much to be thankful for. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I thank each and every one of our readers, as well as our incredible advertisers, for your continued love and support. I also thank our incredible staff in both Kelowna and Penti…

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and provincial representatives returned to the bargaining table recently. Teachers are presently without a collective agreement.

Canadian singer-songwriter Jill Barber describes herself as “a non-conforming artist.”

As we celebrate 60 years of music making in the Okanagan , the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra (OSO) is thrilled to shine a spotlight on our own musicians. We kick things off next week with “Legends” to open our O’Rourke’s Peak Cellar’s Masterworks Series.

Not that it was written in the audition pages, but any actor trying out for the role of Rocky in “Rocky Horror Show” must have known it included very small golden lame shorts.

Morning bread and wine are the preferred refreshment on this Italian Riviera excursion.

British Columbia’s Greens took a serious hit Monday — their leader did just what he’s always advocated and made his political career a relatively short-term gig.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This guest column is in recognition of National Seniors Day, which was recognized by the Government of Canada on Oct. 1.

As someone who has organized political forums for more than a decade and has attended at least 100 of them over a lifetime, there’s an important message for candidates.

Contrary to what your parents taught you, peer pressure can be a wonderful thing!


It was the first time I ever remember inviting a political candidate to meet me at a restaurant and having to phone ahead to ask if the establishment is licenced for all ages.

I’d like to thank the Kelowna Legacy Group for their input. Staff are exploring various redevelopment options for the long-term land lease of this parcel. The Request for Proposals is now closed but the process is ongoing, as staff review the proposals, including input from the Kelowna Legac…

It’s a special kind of noise pollution when people turn up the volume on their phones, tablets, computers or any electronics in public. Rudely transgressing the natural sound barrier that should exist when people are forced to sit in close quarters, these people put their devices before decorum.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following column ran in Thursday’s Victoria Times Colonist. Although the references are from Vancouver Island, this issue is also relevant here.

Given the dithering the NDP government has displayed on how to replace the four-lane Massey Tunnel, it’s a wonder Premier John Horgan was even invited to the Cascadia conference on innovation.

The formal federal election call was made Sept. 11, but there was a moment in B.C. two days earlier that weighs heavily on one of the major elements of the campaign — climate change.

Elections Canada is a well-oiled machine. It’s a neutral and non-partisan operation. Never does anyone question the outcome of a federal election.

A commentary by three British Columbia mayors: Lisa Helps, Jonathan X. Coté and Linda Buchanan