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Much has been made about the fact that the Toronto Raptors won the first major league championship for a Canadian team since the Toronto Blue Jays won their second World Series in 1993 and the Montreal Canadiens won the last Stanley Cup for a Canadian team earlier that same year.

I remember growing up in Ontario and going to the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford when it was held in a tent. The town was a sleepy place with limited attractions other than the plays. As the festival grew, all that changed.

If music promoter Brandon Cochran of Rock District comes to the City of Kelowna asking to use a public facility again for one of his concerts, the city’s answer should be no until every single ticket buyer for Friday’s Magic concert at Waterfront Park is offered a refund.

It had to happen, I suppose. Around two million fans of the Toronto Raptors basketball team packed the city’s downtown streets for a victory celebration.

The Okanagan Rail Trail was dusty on Monday as our Okanagan E-bikers Plus group cycled the 53 kilometres from Woodsdale Road in Lake Country to Coldstream and back. The Trek Powerfly 5 e-bike and its panniers were so dirty that they got a water spray wash at home, but quickly dried in the hot sun.


Be the coolest dog or cat on the block and the most environmentally friendly one, too. From the best natural dog shampoo, eco-friendly dog bowls, best eco-friendly dog collars to the best biodegradable poop bags, we’ve got the list for you.

If you have filed a Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) claim within the past 15 years or so, you may know that dealing with the B.C. WCB can be frustrating.

All Canadians deserve to feel safe and to have their most fundamental rights protected. But for decades, Canada failed countless individuals who had their lives and livelihoods shattered for simply being who they were or because of who they loved.

For many years, I have railed against the policies of white supremacists — principally in the U.S., because of the daily deluge of news that spills north across the border, but also in New Zealand/Aotearoa, France, Germany, wherever. . . .

The Toronto Raptors victory reminds me of another improbable NBA championship — the 2004 finals when the Detroit Pistons (a great, five-man unit) beat the “Shaq and Kobe” show from L.A., 4-1 in the finals.

Here’s something to remember about the impending nationwide ban on single-use plastics that Justin Trudeau announced this week: its roots are in a report written by a second-year law student at UVic.

It has become the most natural thing to do: get in the car, type a destination into a smartphone, and let an algorithm using GPS data show the way. Personal GPS-equipped devices entered the mass market in only the past 15 or so years, but hundreds of millions of people now rarely travel with…

Parents of special-needs children struggled for decades to improve their children’s education by ensuring they had a place in regular classrooms, but it appears that true inclusion is still a long way off.

B.C.’s politicians claim that additional pipelines could negatively impact the economy and the environment. But the truth is that opposition to pipelines is costing us jobs and is resulting in fewer hospitals and teachers, higher fuel prices and a heavier burden on taxpayers.

As the Official Opposition, it is our job to hold the government accountable and, at the same time, provide information to citizens that the government may not widely share or present in great detail.

Not for a second did I think I’d be writing another eulogy for another family dog so close in time to the last one.

The Journey Home Society is optimistic about the community’s five-year strategy to ensure everyone who needs a home will have access to the support they need to find one. But, we also understand our community is eager to see evidence that the strategy is working.

In 2010, Jan Vozenilek, a cinematographer and community volunteer from Naramata went up and down the valley sharing his experience of visiting Midway Island — home of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The first students have just graduated from a two-year animation program at Okanagan College. Animation is a growing computer-based skill specialty in the Kelowna region and the demand for animators is expanding rapidly. Several companies in the Valley have developed a significant clientele …

From McIntrye Bluff to the Canada-U.S. border, from the Black Sage Bench to the Golden Mile Bench and everywhere in between, Oliver and Osoyoos are pure South Okanagan wine region eye candy.

Sitting in his Normandy hotel room this week, New Brunswick’s Norman Kirby told Eric Brunt about taking on a German Tiger tank. It was quite a feat from a Bren gun carrier, but Kirby’s officer was unimpressed by the 18-year-old’s daring, and basically told him to get on with things.

Residents in Okanagan Falls are reeling following the official announcement that the IGA store is closing its doors on Sept. 10, leaving the small community without its only supermarket.

As his bomber droned over Juno beach, Sgt. Frank Poole’s perch behind the nose guns gave him an unobstructed view of the light show below.


An important pillar of the economic infrastructure of the Okanagan Valley is Okanagan College. From Revelstoke in the north to Oliver in the south, it serves more than 20,000 people a year (tha’st 5% of the valley’s population), in four major campuses and seven additional learning centres.

It seemed like a match made in heaven, or at least in West Coast stereotype: legal-to-grow marijuana in the City of Gardens.

I was recently down along Kelowna’s magnificent waterfront and was reminded again that it’s wedding season. Within minutes I encountered three different wedding parties, each with their photographer, attempting to capture the magic of the day.


Five weeks ago in this space, I declared the pale and delicious Sandhill 2018 Rose ($20) my new favourite pink.

I was recently down along Kelowna’s magnificent waterfront and was reminded again that it’s wedding season. Within minutes I encountered three different wedding parties, each with their photographer, attempting to capture the magic of the day.

Here’s the problem.You have these friends, see, who keep sending you emails filled with racist slurs against Muslims, abortionists, “Indians” (they still use that term), Hindus, Asians and immigrants in general. Oh, yes, and about climate-change hoaxes perpetrated by thousands of dishonest s…

Canada’s economy is among the fastest growing in the G7, the unemployment rate is at a 40-year historic low, real wages are rising at the fastest pace in nearly a decade, and more than a million jobs have been created since December 2015.


The Supreme Court of Canada recently declined to hear an interesting case that considered whether a parent had discriminated in a babysitting ad.


With the Apple Bowl being the site of this weekend’s B.C. high school track and field championships, now is a great opportunity for casual sports fans — ones who hadn’t been to a track meet since they were in high school — to check out some of the action.

I miss the birds and the bees. Also the caribou, the foxes and even the skunks. Can’t remember the last time anybody moaned about washing a skunk-sprayed dog with tomato juice, or picking porcupine quills out of its nose.

After this week there will be just three sitting weeks left before the expected June 21st adjournment of the House of Commons for the summer recess. 

While waiting for the money laundering inquiry to start, the B.C. government tried Tuesday to block one of the lesser-known routes dirty money might be following in B.C.

A lawyer stepped in Monday to try to curb some of the more dramatic allegations a former employee made against Citizens’ Services Minister Jinny Sims.