“And the sign said anyone caught trespassing will be shot on sight. So I jumped on the fence and I yelled at the man, what gives you the right to put up a fence to keep me out and to keep Mother Nature in?”

Do you have any idea of the group or who wrote it? No peeking at the bottom of the column.

You would suspect that the above sign would be on an American property with guns loaded and ready to back it up. However, I have seen similar signs while helping with the Canada census records. A sign in our own McCulloch area said, “if you open this gate, be prepared to meet your maker.”

I simply left the census package hanging there.

If you enter Kelowna from the Westside, the billboard signs are overwhelming. Some are even digital and change the message, while you may be stuck in traffic.

When I was in university, there were very few signs cluttering up this scenery. Indeed, there was a nice little lookout halfway down bridge hill to admire a magnificent view of Kelowna.

That is all blocked now with just a horrendously, ugly entrance to the city. Surely our adept politicians could negotiate something better with our Indigenous people? Get rid of the billboards!

In the last few weeks of our provincial election, the scenery will be mind breaking again as politicians clutter it up with personal election signs. We all know Norm Letnick. There is no need for the signs. They could cooperate and just use local media. 

I will graciously predict that Norm Letnick would  win, even if he did not put up one sign. He has been an enthusiastic MLA with his constituency office in Rutland. 

But there is still no “sign” that anything has been achieved for a new Rutland Middle School, which is right around the corner form his office. It is loaded with portables. No running water to them and no bathrooms for them. Any sign of anything happening, Norm?

Penticton NDP candidate, Toni Boot, the mayor of Summerland, has agreed not to put up any sign clutter. It would certainly be nice if all the others agreed.

Often, Americans are much more vigorous in their protest signs then Canadians. We apologize profusely and try to correct our past errors. Americans have two far-apart sides, both of which refuse to apologize for anything, including extreme positions. 

They are all about freedom of speech and constitutional rights, regardless of how others may be affected. In Canada, we seem to have a kinder, more gentle approach in trying to understand others, but not always.

Did you get the hint that there is also another kind of signs around that may indicate dramatic changes. If you gaze up at the night sky even early in the morning, you may see signs and wonders in the universe as our good old Earth tries to hang in there.

Most scientists now agree that wild global weather is a sign of dramatic change in the atmosphere, which calls for drastic solutions. 

Stay tuned to see if our governments can pull this off. And do take responsibility to do your part.

The American election is beginning to have signs of a dramatic shift to the Democrats. But then we all thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the last one. Some of the Trump signs or banners that I have seen are way over the top with a huge white fist or a muscular arm loaded with weapons, with Trump’s image.

I think they watch too many violent movies. They desperately need to rethink their role in the world.

There is some argument about John Horgan calling a B.C. election in the midst of a pandemic. But he has explained many times now he felt Green support was dwindling. NDP candidates would be wise to just put up signs with Horgan’s name on it, as he is the most popular premier in Canada. But they could also agree to no political signs, whatsoever.

However, there is certainly a sign that we are all longing for. It could be that our wiser, older men would have visions and our younger men and women would dream dreams. What is your vision for our environment? What are your dreams for our country?

But the best sign would be a sign of the pandemic “cure.” Surely, a COVID-19 vaccination is just over the horizon and there can be some return to a normal lifestyle. It will be one huge economic loss if the business world is still in shutdown mode as the Christmas season approaches. But you can help by simply getting the regular flu vaccination. Stay healthy.

The Five Man Electrical Band’s song “Signs” concluded with this line, “Thank you Lord for thinkin’ about me. I’m alive and doin’ fine.”

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