Sorry, Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, but you are wrong in stating American society is not racist. The early American colonies were founded on intentional racism and many of the same systemic, racist attitudes continue today.

To say American society today is not racist, is to ignore reality.

It is the reality that is in your face on every American newscast, as their society is torn apart by gun violence and racial protests.

It is a president who states that there are “fine people” even on the side of Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This seems to represent many American attitudes today. These groups should have been made illegal long ago. They are hate groups. President Donald Trump argues hate is a freedom of speech issue.

All American politicians must realize the U.S. has a horrible image right now. It is the image of two gun-toting white people, armed to the teeth, to protect their mansion, while people walk by in peaceful protest.

They assume because most of the protesters are black there will be violence. That is the image of a racist society, seen around the world.

How Haley can ignore all that has happened under the Trump presidency, is appalling.

But if you watched much of the Republican convention recently, you would realize all their speakers ignored reality.

Everything, according to them, in the U.S., is wonderful and moving along nicely. No pandemic problems, no gun violence, no civil protests, no slumping economy. No reality

There was little comment on the shooting of a black, unarmed father while his children looked on as he was shot seven times in the back.

Yes, that is American reality today with still little for gun control.

Quit giving us constitutional rights and freedom arguments and show some caring. American society desperately need a change of heart, and politicians who take swift action.

I am startled to see that in so many American law enforcement situations, a trio or more of white officers are sent into a black neighbourhood. Then they seem to wonder why everything goes awry, after they draw their guns and start shooting, often over petty grievances.

It is amazing there seems to be little of psychological or cultural training for American law enforcement officers. Black lives do matter and their culture and history needs to be understood by all.

Bringing in the National Guard solves nothing.

African American history should be a compulsory subject in every American school — a separate subject that is not just blended into social studies.

American slave traders pursued African people deep into their home countries and brought them shackled and bound to the Atlantic coast of Africa.

There was no beacon of liberty for Africans who were treated as subhuman. Other groups of immigrants were also treated poorly, but nothing matched slavery.

Yes, the American had Selma and many civil rights marches. Yes, the Americans have had Martin Luther King and The Kennedys. We all know what happened to them. Horrible violence.

A school friend of mine has lived for 40 years in Indiana. His three children are grown and scattered around the U.S.

Recently, he told me that all of them were fed up and about to scout Canada as a place to live.

It used to be said that when the U.S. sneezed Canada caught a cold. Once we were very dependent on their economy, but have now broadened our trading base, greatly. This is reality, with most other countries. American leadership in the world is gone.

Heck, Canadians even managed to do a superb job of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic while the Americans have looked incompetent and lacking in leadership.

Martin Luther King Jr. recognized the latent and systemic racism throughout American society. He preached vigorously for reform. Bills were signed, but nothing much changed. There was no change of heart or better understanding.

Finally, he recognized that he would only be “ free at last” in a spiritual awakening on his final journey to visit God.

Racism, in all societies, begins at home and is taught by parents and Ku Klux Klan like groups. The church, the family and society must do everything in their power to counter this before we all begin the long journey to our own final resting place.

Ignoring the reality will cost all of us dearly.

Reg Volk is a retired educator who writes a monthly column. To contact the writer: