Cannabis factory insults democracy

Dear Editor:

West Kelowna council is considering allowing an industrial size cannabis production operation to open in Kyle Court in close proximity to Brookhaven Care Home, Crystal Springs Senior Residential Park, Treasure View Estates Senior Residential Park and Const. Neil Bruce Middle School.

Such operations in other parts of Canada have caused a plethora of complaints about noxious odours and noise. Though Health Canada regulations forbid these violations, there is precious little enforcement. Do we want such a potential problem in the middle of West Kelowna? Or should it be moved to a rural area where most farms are?

The emissions of noxious odours and hazardous chemical particulates are not all that’s wrong with this proposal. It has been sneaked through its first two readings without notice to stakeholders in the area, which include a number of businesses that would also be negatively affected.

The independent Advisory Planning Commission was also bypassed. When word of this proposal finally leaked, there was such a hue and cry that council hastily called a public hearing. Such was their haste that the councillors failed to notify Brookhaven Care Home so its residents and employees could address this proposal. Consequently, the hearing was adjourned for a week to redress this omission.

At the first meeting, the city planning manager made the case for the unidentified applicant, but neglected, as he is supposed to do, to mention any of the negative aspects of this proposal. He defended the 150-metre buffer zone, a limit that was intended for small-scale medicinal cannabis producers, not the possible 100,000 to 225,000-square-feet of grow-op this proposal could result in. One kilometre would be the minimum reasonable buffer zone.

Residents of Treasure View and Crystal Springs, along with their management company, started a petition to demand that a cannabis production facility not be allowed on this site, for health and safety concerns and for the disruption to local businesses and quality of life for local residents and students. There are a total of 233 homes in the two senior parks. At the writing of this letter, there were 323 signatories. Obviously, many in this neighbourhood are opposed to this proposal.

Clearly, as with the end run around the referendum denying council to proceed with a new city hall, this council is determined to do what it wants despite what the citizens, who elected them, who pay them, and to whom they owe their responsibility, first and foremost, want. This insult to democracy must be stopped. Now.

Lee Karvonen, West Kelowna

First Nation ruled by feudal system

Dear Editor:

Re: the agreement signed last month by Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and the federal and B.C. governments.

Theresa Tait-Day, a Wet’suwet’en hereditary sub-chief giving testimony in Ottawa said “the signed Smithers agreement creates more problems.”

She blasted Ottawa for completely ignoring the Wet’suwet’en people and claims there is no democratic mandate from the people.

Tait-Day said she pleaded with Crown-Indigenous Relations minister Carolyn Bennett not to sign the agreement, saying the Wet’suwet’en community needs more time to work out what type of governance they want.

Tait-Day claims negotiations were hijacked by hereditary chiefs who opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline and sought Ottawa’s support as a method to entrench their un-democratic authority within the community.

The Wet’suwet’en nation is divided into five clan houses, each with democratically elected band council chiefs.

But they also are governed by a separate hereditary governance system which has 13 individual houses each with its own hereditary chief.

Eight of the 13 hereditary chiefs oppose the pipeline. Tait-Day claims some of the hereditary chiefs who negotiated the agreement are not the rightful holders of their hereditary titles.

Tait-Day is one of the three female hereditary chiefs who claim a group of five male hereditary chiefs stripped them of their rightful titles, and their positions were filled with sympathetic appointees.

To further complicate matters, excluded elected band chiefs only received a copy of the agreement a couple weeks ago, though discussions have been on going for the past three months.

How Indigenous communities govern themselves is up to them, but Canada is a system of democratic ideals and universal suffrage, so it’s fair to wonder if Europeans had never arrived in Canada 500 years ago, would Indigenous peoples today, as a self-governing developed modern nation, govern themselves by democratic principles or by a feudal system of hereditary aristocracy?

Jon Peter Christoff, West Kelowna

Anti-Fascist group needs to be wiped out

Dear Editor:

Last year in the United States there were 10 million arrests. 93 unarmed suspects were shot and killed by the police — nine blacks, 65 others (Hispanic, Asians, Natives, and East Indian) and 19 whites, double the amount of blacks.

The officer responsible has been charged with George Floyd`s death in Minneapolis and will most likely be convicted. Justice will be served.

Antifa is a political idea that is so far left they do not want any level of government, a desire to implement anarchy to such a degree that there will be no police, military, government, no health care, no food distribution systems, commerce or banks.

Everyone would live in a small village or town, goons and bullies will rule over you and the survival of the fittest applies. That doesn’t sound nice. Starting to dislike Antifa, yes?

The current level of social discourse in the United States is a power play of paranoid and disgruntled democrats funding a group of the anarchists known as Antifa.

It’s resulted in a class war not a race war. When you have wholesale looting of multi-raced businesses by multi-raced protesters (rioters), only the rich win. Insurance claims are tanked, bankruptcies are ordered and families are ripped apart. Big banks win again.

On an observational note, I believe in time, history will show, possibly in the last year, the U.S. lefties have determined they cannot beat the Republicans in November, so they put all this into play, using big money with to such a point that the anarchists will prevail. (A win is a win.)

Then you get anarchy. Hang on for the wild ride.

Antifa is short form for Anti Fascist and they need to be illuminated. Wiped off the globe and now.

Doug Rosen, Kelowna